[VIDEO] Oregon Legislators Dodge Ethics Questions

Published on Apr 10, 2014

Oregon state Senator Diane Rosenbaum and state Representative Carolyn Tomei try to intimidate a constituent, dodge his question, are caught lying about what transpired at the SB1551 hearing, and in the end threaten to kick out the videographer… All while never answer the original question, and, in turn, they refuse to condemn the unethical and shady behavior of Senator Floyd Prozanski leading up to and during the gun bill hearing, essentially meaning that they are OK with such shenanigans.

Visit www.2ndAction.org for a full account of the entire town hall.

Portland, OR Anarchists Have a Smashing Time!

Published on Mar 19, 2014

Windows smashed out, garbage dumped in streets, public transportation blocked, and attempts to shut down the free press were all part of the “March Against Police Brutality” in Southeast Portland, March 15h, 2014, as several black bloc anarcho collectivists took the streets to, uhh, well, I’m still not quite sure what their motives were.

Video credit:  Laughing at Liberals

VIDEO: Dinesh D’Souza and Bill Ayers Debate at Dartmouth

[FULL] Dinesh D’Souza and Bill Ayers Debate

This is a must see debate between 2016 film maker, Dinesh D’Souza and unrepentant terrorist and professor, Bill Ayers. Predictably, Ayers trotted out many stale, Marxist tropes in an (unsuccessful) attempt to legitimize his criminality while D’Souza stayed focused on where the world be without the United States and Capitalism. I was particularly troubled by the Q & A that followed as it revealed a stunning lack of intellectual curiosity and thought from the Dartmouth student body. This is well worth the time to watch and share.

Oregon Libertarians to Obamacare: Don’t Fence Me In

By Michael F. Cannon | CATO Institute

WernerGrab3_244x183Ben Nanke, a 20-year-old aspiring songwriter and filmmaker from Salem” was none-too-pleased to see the glossy odes to Obamacare that will run in Oregon at a cost to taxpayers of some $9.9 million. Who can blame him? The videos claim Obamacare will make you healthier and live longer, even though there is zero reliable evidence that’s the case, and much evidence to suggest it won’t. Also, that had better be his own guitar that Matt Sheehy is getting wet.

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