Common Sense, Common People…Common Core? Building The Machine


“Building the Machine” introduces the public to the Common Core States Standards Initiative (CCSSI) and its effects on our children’s education. The documentary compiles interviews from leading educational experts, including members of the Common Core Validation Committee. Parents, officials, and the American public should be involved in this national decision regardless of their political persuasion.


The Common Core is the largest systemic reform of American public education in recent history. What started as a collaboration between the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers to reevaluate and nationalize America’s education standards has become one of the most controversial—and yet, unheard of—issues in the American public.

In 2010, 45 states adopted the Common Core, but according to a May 2013 Gallup Poll, 62% of Americans said they had never heard of the Common Core. Prominent groups and public figures have broken traditional party lines over the issue, leaving many wondering where they should stand.

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Oregon GOP Opposes Common Core State Standards

The Oregon Republican Party’s State Central Committee unanimously passed on Saturday a resolution opposing the Common Core State Standards joining the Republican National Committee and other state parties.

Here is the text of the resolution:

Resolution Opposing Common Core Education Standards

Whereas: Common Core Education Standards (Common Core”) represents an attempt by The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, the Council of Chief State School Officers and the U.S. Department of Education to impose a one size fits all, top down approach to education on all American schools; and

Whereas: Common Core, which is being implemented in Oregon, represents an effort to subordinate local control of Oregon’s public schools to a nationalized and standardized American education “one-size-fits-all” system; and

Whereas:  The National Republican Party Platform (p. 35) specifically states its opposition to a “…one size fits all approach to education” and supports “…providing broad educational choices at the State and local level”; and

Whereas: Common core is being used to build a comprehensive database to measure students’ progress and gather other personal, non-academic data; and

Whereas:  Data may be obtained not only by questioning students but by the use of facial-monitoring equipment, neuro-psychological testing and sensors which are strapped to their bodies; and

Whereas:   More than 500 K-3 education professionals have signed a statement opposing Common Core; and

Whereas:  The cost to Oregon taxpayers of implementing Common Core will be an estimated $182.027 million dollars; and

Whereas:   Neither states nor parents, including homeschool parents, will be allowed to make any changes to Common Core; and

Whereas:   Research by the Brookings Institution demonstrated that there is not a link between high state standards and high student achievement; and

Whereas:  Common Core utilizes tracking systems, which are being set up through the Workforce Data Quality Initiative (WDQI), and is being implemented to support a collaborative partnership at the Federal level between the Departments of Labor and Education; and

Whereas: The long term WEQI and Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDA) goal for States, which Oregon has received grant money for, is to use their longitudinal data Systems to follow an individual through school and into and through their work life, which we believe is an invasion of privacy.

Therefore, Resolved That:

  • The Oregon State Republican Party Central Committee opposes the implementation of Common Core State Standards in Oregon school districts; and
  • The Oregon State Republican Party Central Committee urges its Representatives and Senators to empower parents with the ability to have their children opt-out of SLDS data mining which includes personal, non-academic information, eye retina scans and or any other medically identifiable record keeping methods which are not needed as part of a student’s “education” records; and
  • The Oregon State Republican Party Central Committee urges Oregon’s Representatives and Senators to, in the next legislative session, support and reintroduce SB 567 which directs the State Board of Education to appoint a Chief Privacy Officer to be responsible for ensuring that student information contained in student education records is adequately protected.

Adopted this day, August 10, 2013 by the Oregon State Republican Party Central Committee in session.