A Plea To The GOP: Enough Already! Stop Talking About “Tactics”. The Country Needs More From You.

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Team GOP keeps talking about how conservative insurgents don’t understand tactics and how we all want to get to the same place but disagree on tactics. “Tactics” is the new “electability” (which itself is really a tactical concept) and we all know how well that worked out.

Tactics exist to advance a strategy which in turn is the plan to achieve a goal. This focus on tactics is masking a major flaw in the Republican party…it has no overreaching goal let alone a strategy for achieving it. Republicans lack a reason for being beyond winning elections and enriching the various donor and political structures that exists in its orbit. There is simply no Republican vision for the country, no coherent ideological vision that it presents to the country as a viable alternative to the Democrats.

The Democrats can broadly be said to have a vision for America that is based on an ever growing and more powerful public sector (especially at that the federal level). From that basic vision all other things flow. What is the corresponding vision from the GOP? It’s clearly not the opposite. No one seriously suggests that the overreaching vision of the Republican Party is to shrink the government at every level and to minimize its impact on the lives of Americans. At best one could argue that the GOP wants to present a somewhat less grand vision of the role of government in people’s lives. And they certainly want to be the ones running that slightly smaller beast. But actively shrink it? There’s no evidence of that. On the other hand, there is quite a bit of evidence that the GOP is quite comfortable with increased spending and the scope of the federal government as it exists.

I’m not saying there are no differences between the parties but they aren’t as great as some pretend or as they should be in a healthy democracy. Don’t believe me? Think of the areas where the GOP-Democrat divide is supposedly the greatest…social issues. And then look at how many Republicans want to de-emphasize abortion and surrender entirely on gay marriage. At one point national security/defense was a significant point of distinction between the two parties. But as many onetime hawks sour on the notion of a robust program of intervention, which is a distinction that has narrowed greatly. With the rise of Rand Paul within the GOP, that’s an area that will continue to lose its ability to differentiate the parties.

Only on spending is the gap still large and when it comes to elected officials that gap is mostly rhetorical.

It’s this lack of a stark competing vision from the Democrats that forces the GOP to constantly focus on “tactics”.

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Oregon GOP Opposes Common Core State Standards

The Oregon Republican Party’s State Central Committee unanimously passed on Saturday a resolution opposing the Common Core State Standards joining the Republican National Committee and other state parties.

Here is the text of the resolution:

Resolution Opposing Common Core Education Standards

Whereas: Common Core Education Standards (Common Core”) represents an attempt by The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, the Council of Chief State School Officers and the U.S. Department of Education to impose a one size fits all, top down approach to education on all American schools; and

Whereas: Common Core, which is being implemented in Oregon, represents an effort to subordinate local control of Oregon’s public schools to a nationalized and standardized American education “one-size-fits-all” system; and

Whereas:  The National Republican Party Platform (p. 35) specifically states its opposition to a “…one size fits all approach to education” and supports “…providing broad educational choices at the State and local level”; and

Whereas: Common core is being used to build a comprehensive database to measure students’ progress and gather other personal, non-academic data; and

Whereas:  Data may be obtained not only by questioning students but by the use of facial-monitoring equipment, neuro-psychological testing and sensors which are strapped to their bodies; and

Whereas:   More than 500 K-3 education professionals have signed a statement opposing Common Core; and

Whereas:  The cost to Oregon taxpayers of implementing Common Core will be an estimated $182.027 million dollars; and

Whereas:   Neither states nor parents, including homeschool parents, will be allowed to make any changes to Common Core; and

Whereas:   Research by the Brookings Institution demonstrated that there is not a link between high state standards and high student achievement; and

Whereas:  Common Core utilizes tracking systems, which are being set up through the Workforce Data Quality Initiative (WDQI), and is being implemented to support a collaborative partnership at the Federal level between the Departments of Labor and Education; and

Whereas: The long term WEQI and Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDA) goal for States, which Oregon has received grant money for, is to use their longitudinal data Systems to follow an individual through school and into and through their work life, which we believe is an invasion of privacy.

Therefore, Resolved That:

  • The Oregon State Republican Party Central Committee opposes the implementation of Common Core State Standards in Oregon school districts; and
  • The Oregon State Republican Party Central Committee urges its Representatives and Senators to empower parents with the ability to have their children opt-out of SLDS data mining which includes personal, non-academic information, eye retina scans and or any other medically identifiable record keeping methods which are not needed as part of a student’s “education” records; and
  • The Oregon State Republican Party Central Committee urges Oregon’s Representatives and Senators to, in the next legislative session, support and reintroduce SB 567 which directs the State Board of Education to appoint a Chief Privacy Officer to be responsible for ensuring that student information contained in student education records is adequately protected.

Adopted this day, August 10, 2013 by the Oregon State Republican Party Central Committee in session.

MUST WATCH: Elbert Guillory: “Why I Am a Republican”

Published on Jun 16, 2013

Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory (R-Opelousas) explains why he recently switched from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party. He discusses the history of the Republican Party, founded as an Abolitionist Movement in 1854. Guillory talks about how the welfare state is only a mechanism for politicians to control the black

Media Portrayal of Republicans has Activist asking: We’re What? Really!

The Right Sided

We’re What? Really!

Mar 23, 2013
By David Darnell

Much has been written and said about “what went wrong” in the 2012 election cycle.  We lost a winnable presidential election and a few seats in Congress.  Never mind 30 Republican governors and 28 Republican controlled legislatures in a country of 50 states, we lost the big one and that hurt.  Like a feral cat who has chewed a hole in a garbage bag left on someone’s back porch, I too have been returning to feed on the postmortem.

Returning to Draper’s NYT Valentine’s Day post, I’m struck by the now often reported assessment of the GOP’s weakness.  Of a focus group session of young female Obama voters, the article states:

  ” About an hour into the session, Anderson walked up to a whiteboard and took out a magic marker. “I’m going to write down a word, and you guys free-associate with whatever comes to mind,” she said. The first word she wrote was “Democrat.”

“Young people,” one woman called out.

“Liberal,” another said. Followed by: “Diverse.” “Bill Clinton.”“Change.”“Open-minded.”“Spending.”“Handouts.”“Green.”“More science-based.”

When Anderson then wrote “Republican,” the outburst was immediate and vehement: “Corporate greed.”“Old.”“Middle-aged white men.” “Rich.” “Religious.” “Conservative.” “Hypocritical.” “Military retirees.” “Narrow-minded.” “Rigid.” “Not progressive.” “Polarizing.” “Stuck in their ways.” “Farmers.”

If you’re reading this you are likely politically savvy, or at least informed and are likely an activist…..and may very well ask the same question I did.  Who are these Republicans?  As I take a good hard look around me I just don’t see them.  Do you?

Are you working with old, rich, greedy, white farmers who are blah, blah, blah?   Admittedly the party I invest my time, dubious talent and treasure in has several of the old guard, but by and large we are none of the above.  so how did the GOP get here?  How have we come to be perceived as these young women see us?  Is that our message?  Or does the message come from someone other than those of us occupying the rank and file of the Republican Party.

As a Republican Party activist I bought the lie in believing that my advocation of a realistic view of some social issues would guarantee my pariahship.  Quite the contrary.  It seems that my fellow SoCons do recognize that abortion, though an abhorrent procedure, is not illegal in America.  Not something we would ever support but not a club to be used to beat a voter over the head with.  And the sending of Rand Paul’s suggestion of removing marriage  from the tax code  (that it need not be redefined) up the flagpole did not draw the fire I thought it might.  We really are not those people.

I have yet to confidently refute Brietbart’s take on politics.  Policy IS downstream of culture.  Culture IS downstream of media.  This focus group, like millions of other everyday ordinary Americans, has been spoon fed a twisted and inaccurate depiction of Lincoln’s party.  The left leaning bias of American media needs no introduction and it’s sway over public opinion is beyond question.

If we acknowledge that the voters we seek to court view Republicans through the truth filters of the mainstream media, are we to change our positions and platforms to suit the popular misconceptions?  Would a shift in policy position then not be based on a false premise?  And if we radically change our positions, are we to believe the Democrat/Media Complex will suddenly reveal to the American public the true nature of the vast majority of Republican voters and activists?  I don’t think so.

Honest polling confirms that the majority of Americans hold a center-right view and do not run away screaming at the idea of smaller government, lower taxes and more individual freedom.  Simply, it is not the Republican message that is a repellent to some voters,  it’s the leftist media’s version of the Republican message some find unpalatable….and rightfully so.

My point is this.  Let’s not make a game plan or a strategy based on the string pulling of a corrupt and biased media.  In doing so we will only force the puppet master to jerk the strings in a different direction.  WE WILL NEVER GET A FAIR SHAKE FROM THE DEMOCRAT/MEDIA COMPLEX…lets not try.  We ARE the Rightsided and when we claim the rights to our own message and deliver it to the people…one person at a time…we will win elections.

David Darnell is Chairman of the Marion County (OR) Republican Party. Read more from David Darnell here and follow him on Twitter

…The Oregon Gun Grab Continues

With major thanks to the Oregon Firearms Federation, below you will find yet MORE insane gun legislation being introduced in Salem.

all_the_things__version_2_by_deadwoodpete83-d57j7kv2013 Gun Bills

The following are gun bills released so far. Bills with an “X” before them are anti-gun bills. Those with a “+” before them are pro-gun bills, and those with nothing before them are either neutral or simply make no sense.

X SB 346 Creates crime of unlawfully transferring large capacity magazine. Punishes by maximum of one year’s imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both

X SB 347 Modifies crime applicable to possession of firearm, or instrument used as dangerous weapon, while in or on school grounds. Requires entity controlling school grounds to adopt written policy before concealed handgun licensees may assert affirmative defense to crime.

+SB 542 Removes Department of State Police as designated state point of contact for purposes of National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Requires gun dealer to obtain authorization to transfer firearm directly from system.

+SB 647 Removes Department of State Police as designated state point of contact for purposes of National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Requires gun dealer to obtain authorization to transfer firearm directly from system.

+SB 696 Modifies exemption from execution applicable to certain firearms.

X SB 699 Bans licensed carry in the Capitol.(Burdick’s Revenge)

X SB 700 “Universal” Background Checks

+SB 713 Permits firearms training facilities in exclusive farm use zones.

X SB 758 Requires person that owns firearm to obtain and maintain in effect liability insurance policy that covers firearm and complies with provisions specifying coverage and other requirements for li- ability insurance policy. (AND LOTS MORE…)

X SB 760 For purposes of invoking justification for use of physical force, requires person who uses phys- ical force in self-defense to make good faith effort to retreat.

X SB 796 Requires person applying for concealed handgun license to pass firing range test. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

+ HB 2365 Authorizes county sheriff to waive residency requirement for concealed handgun license if applicant resides in another state. (Allows residents of any state to apply for a CHL in Oregon)

+HB 2366 Removes Department of State Police as designated state point of contact for purposes of National Criminal Background Check System

+ HB 2367 Provides nonresidents who are authorized to carry concealed handgun in another state with protections provided to persons with Oregon concealed handgun license

+ HB 2368 Modifies circumstances under which public body may disclose concealed handgun license information.

+ HB 2369 Provides honorably retired law enforcement officers with protections provided to Oregon con- cealed handgun license holders

+ HB 2376 Modifies s authority of county sheriff related to issuance and revocation of concealed handgun license.

+ HB 2377 Authorizes issuance of concealed handgun license to person convicted or diverted for certain marijuana offenses in another jurisdiction, if conviction or diversion is equivalent to conviction or diversion that does not operate as bar to obtaining license under Oregon law.
Expands class of marijuana convictions that do not operate as bar to obtaining concealed handgun license to include misdemeanor conviction for possession of marijuana that was committed before possession of less than one ounce was made punishable solely by fine under Oregon law.

HB 2588 Directs Department of State Police to identify states that recognize Oregon concealed handgun licenses and that impose eligibility requirements for issuing concealed handgun licenses that are substantially similar to Oregon requirements.
Provides nonresidents who are licensed to carry concealed handgun in state identified by Department of State Police with defenses provided to persons with Oregon concealed handgun license. Prohibits arrest of nonresidents who possess valid concealed handgun license issued in state whose license is verifiable through use of national law enforcement data system.
Prohibits issuance of Oregon concealed handgun license to person convicted of, or found guilty except for insanity of, misdemeanor involving violence.

HB 2589 Eliminates requirement that concealed handgun licensee be resident of county in which license is issued.
Modifies fees related to issuance of concealed handgun license.

+ HB 2605 Modifies certain law enforcement defenses applicable to certain firearms-related crimes

+HB 2843 Allows off-duty law enforcement officers to possess firearms in public buildings.

+HB 2910 Allows corrections officer employed by Department of Corrections to lawfully possess weapon in locked box in officer’s personal vehicle parked in department parking lot while officer is present at department in official capacity.
+ HB 2911 Allows corrections officer employed by Department of Corrections to lawfully possess weapon in locked box in officer’s personal vehicle parked in department parking lot while officer is present at department in official capacity.

+HB 3006 Invalidates federal firearm laws in State of Oregon. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

+HB 3009 Provides certain persons with right to possess firearm on college or university grounds. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

X HB 3114 Authorizes public universities, Oregon Health and Science University and community college districts to prohibit possession of firearms on campus, including by persons with concealed handgun licenses. Eliminates exemption for crime of possession of firearm in public building for person with concealed handgun license if university or district has prohibited such possession.Declares emergency, effective on passage. (The gun ban is buried on page 65 of this 66 page bill.)

X HB 3200 Bans virtually all modern firearms and magazines, allows for warrantless searches of gun owners’ homes.

X HB 3261 Establishes refundable credit against personal income taxes for purchase of qualifying gun safes. Applies to tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2013, and before January 1, 2015. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die. (Well meaning, but a terrible idea. Identifies gun owners, sets the stage for mandatory storage requirements.)

X HB 3412 Establishes Task Force on Reducing Gun Violence. Sunsets task force on date of convening of 2015 regular session of Legislative Assembly. Declares emergency, effective on passage. (Stupid waste of money. Another “emergency.)

X HB 3413 Creates crime of endangering a minor by allowing access to a firearm. Punishes by maximum of one year’s imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both.Prohibits transfer of firearm to person convicted of endangering a minor by allowing access to a firearm for five-year period after conviction.Requires gun dealer to post notice concerning obligation to prevent minors from accessing firearm without consent of firearm owner or minor’s parent or guardian. (Another bill Mark Haas needs to take his name off. Forbids your 17 year old daughter from using one of your firearms to defend herself in her own home.)

H/T Oregon Firearms Federation

URGENT: Massive Gun Ban Introduced in Oregon


SALEM, OREGON: Two days after Senate Democrats claimed they would not seek a ban on modern firearms and feeding devices, Democrats in the Oregon House introduced just that.

Seven Senators joined with eight House Reps to introduce a sweeping ban on virtually all modern firearms. Among the Senators is, of course, Ginny Burdick, who claimed on Wednesday “that she is backing off an attempt to push through a bill on gun clips that she drafted following the December shootings at the Clackamas Mall.”   The other sponsors are:


Remember them.

I have the sneaking suspicion that this is an Overton Window ploy on the part of the Democrats in the Oregon legislature. Put forth an outrageous, naked attempt to ban guns and when the people predictably get pissed off – step back and make “common sense” compromises. They will water down their bill and still get to incrementally strip Oregonians of their 2nd Amendment rights – just a little bit at a time. This must be stopped cold – no compromise, no horse trading, STOPPED! Democrats have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted – they will lie, cheat and steal to push their agenda. Gloves off friends – we are in the fight of our lives and failure is not an option!

Read more at Oregon Firearms Federation here

Ginny Burdick Lays Out Tactics For Gun Grabbing Advocates


Oregon state Senator Ginny Burdick spoke at the “One Million Moms For Gun Control” rally, February 9th, 2013 ( https://www.facebook.com/events/274285102701019/ ). There, she laid out the plans and tactics that gun grabbers can use to get what they want, which is more legislation based on fear and misinformation. About 100 people turned out for the event, including some pro gun protesters, as opposed to the 1000 some odd who were at the pro gun rally the day before.

Read the full article here at 54’40” Or Fight

Oregonians Assemble Peacefully for 2nd Amendment Rights Rally in Salem

2nd Amendment Rally Salem, Oregon

2nd Amendment Rally Salem, Oregon

Salem, OR: Hundreds of Oregonians gathered today at the Capitol in Salem, Oregon despite the still winter-like weather and the fact that today was a work day for many. Cold hands were wrapped around coffee served by Coffee In Motion, making the damp, chilly temperatures tolerable as we listened to speakers share their thoughts on gun control, unalienable rights and freedom.


I took a vacation day from work so that I could attend and as I strolled through the assembled crowd I was struck again by the dishonest and scandalous way we are portrayed in the media. Too often it is as snaggle-toothed mouth breathers, barely able to put two words together, or as wild-eyed extremists on the par with the worst villains in history. What I saw today were families, couples, young men and women, bikers, and a father with his small son who was thrilled to have just been given a badge sticker by a law enforcement officer. I also met two gentlemen who graciously gave me money to purchase more reference cards to hand out when the “free” ones I had requested from Capitol staff ran out. To these men I say thank you, thank you for trusting me to do what I said I would do. I was able to hand out an additional 280 reference cards thanks to their generosity!

A father and his small son attend today's rally in Salem

A father and his small son attend today’s rally in Salem

These people are among the best of our community – law abiding citizens who are fed up with government infringement on our rights and the intrusion into their lives.

Standing up for 2nd Amendment Rights

Standing up for 2nd Amendment Rights

My hope is that some elected officials took a moment out of their day to cross the street and chat with their constituents, spend a moment or two engaging in conversation about how their decisions effect the people who elected them to serve. Unfortunately, most of these legislators were not actually on the premises today so, they missed a golden opportunity to take the pulse of the people, to see and to hear what matters to Oregonians.