MSNBC Host Melissa Harris Perry Dons Tampon Earrings on Air

July 21, 2013

Apparently Melissa Harris Perry views feminine hygiene products dangling from her ear lobes as the new raised fist in support of women’s “reproductive rights”.


Wearing tampons in your earlobes only shows that you and your “lady” friends are unimaginative and immature when discussing the deadly serious issue of abortion.  Melissa stands in solidarity with the same “ladies” who were shrieking “hail satan” and getting ready to throw Molotov poop and pee bombs are just make their case. Sweet bunch of gals.

I do have to say that this photo is ridiculous and hilarious, and I hope it haunts Melissa Harris Perry for the rest of her career. Actions have consequences and perhaps, if she is capable of feeling shame, someday shame will tap her on the shoulder and say, “You missed the edgy Pro-choice fashion statement here Melissa, but I’m sure the babies who might survive as a result of Texas passing this bill won’t hold THAT against you.”