Who Is (Really) Behind Student-Led Protests?

By : Macey France at Politichicks.com

Screen-Shot-2015-03-14-at-10.12.29-AMI’ve heard all kinds of things about teachers’ unions; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve even written a couple pieces on how the 2 big teachers’ unions in the U.S. have made poor decisions and for the most part, to not represent the average teacher.

Lately I have seen a lot of news stories about high school students walking out and protesting the use of standardized tests. I’m all for this if it’s a protest thought of, planned by, and promoted among the students themselves.

Many sites will claim that the students need to walk out and protest these tests and not take them because the students are the ones, after all, who will be ideologically indoctrinated under them.

I find that statement, and statements like that, a little ironic. In many of the schools where the students hold protests there is a large union presence with teachers who discuss union issues and unfair treatment with their classes.

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“WHITELANDIA”: Portland Teachers Attend White Privilege

Once upon a time, Oregon was the land of Lewis and Clark, vast forests, and rugged individualists who revered America and her Constitution.

Decade by decade, especially since the 70’s, more and more environmental extremists and Progressives (aka Socialists) have been drawn to my fair state. Strangely, the beauty and majesty that drew them to Oregon, then became their idol.

Progressives have since warped Section 2 of the Oregon Constitution, “All men shall be secure in the Natural right, to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences.” into worship of trees and spotted owls, or whatever was the cause du jour.

Once ensconced, with high concentrations in Multnomah County (Portland) and Lane County (Eugene), these Progressives began an all-out effort to dramatically and fundamentally change Oregon.

Week by week new news surfaces, more and more faces and tactics of the socialist war on a once traditional and patriotic (and economically thriving) state. The latest crusade being the “white privilege” accusations.

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Salem, OR City Council Votes to Ban Smoking on Public Sidewalks

It appears that the Salem City Council believes it’s OK to harass and bully one group of people in order to appease another. On Monday evening the council voted 6-2 to ban smoking on the sidewalks and landscape strips in the public right-of-way adjacent to properties where smoking is prohibited. Councilors Brad Nanke and Bruce Rogers were the two no votes with Nanke making strong objections to the ban.

This ban will expand private property NO SMOKING ZONES to include the public sidewalks and landscape strips that are adjacent to Salem Hospital and Willamette University. The same sidewalks that smokers use and that they pay for with their tax dollars – how is it fair to prevent taxpaying citizens from engaging in a legal activity on property that they pay for? It’s not and with only two councilors voting no – one with a strong voice for freedom and liberty and the other for neighborhood concerns – the City of Salem has granted permission for a minority group to be bullied because they don’t approve of the legal activity they are engaged in.

Watch the testimony and discussion (1:34:43) and listen closely to how this issue was presented to the council and the words the proponents use to sell the concept of stripping law abiding citizens of their rights in the name of “cultural values.”

Obama Attorney for Oregon: “OK With Universal Background Checks and Limits to Magazine Clips”

From Daylight Disinfectant

Published on Oct 22, 2014

Obama appointed US District Attorney Amanda Marshall: “I think we need a bunch of Oregonian guys in flannel shirts with rifles out there, and trucks,… saying: “Hey I’m OK with, you know, Universal Background Checks and limits to magazine clips …”

Dateline Tuesday October 21, 2014 – Portland Oregon: In this Volume 2 of highlights from the Gabby Giffords event, we look at just what legislation is envisioned by the folks around the table. Representative Smith Warner states: “I’m glad to be here to talk to all of you about what we can do in the legislature next year.” The group then speaks to what change needs to be made to share the Oregon gun database with the feds. Remember, theoretically this database does not exist.

Judy Shiprack, Multnomah County Commissioner, District 3, calls Representative Warner on the carpet asking her just what she’s going to do about it. Rep. Smith Warner suggests: “If the problem came from an Administrative ruling, can the solution come from an administrative ruling as well?” (Watch for that slight of hand in the next legislative session). Representative Smith warner then nods along is ascention as Erin Greenwald, Attorney for Oregon Department of Justice, suggests changes to State law which would allow Law Enforcement to confiscate weapons without a person ever having been convicted of a crime. Vanessa Timmons of Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, echoes the sentiments, leaving no doubt that group’s goal is to make the Oregon Law the same as the Federal Law.

U.S. Attorney S. Amanda Marshall, takes a poke at Oregon Sheriffs, lamenting the fact that they will not enforce Unconstitutional Federal Laws. (For someone who is not supposed to be advocating legislation, Attorney Marshall seems to be taking some pretty strongly held positions in her official capacity.) In an exchange with Gabby Giffords the Oregon Sheriffs are derided with laughter and compared with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Robert Yuille, one of four board members of “Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership” is quoted as saying we need to change the culture, but in the end: “”Certainly we need registration!” In a rare moment of honesty, the Marshall states: “”The truth is: More kids die every year in swimming pools.” (So why are we here again?). Shiprack then brings up her advocacy for limits to Magazine Capacity limitations like those they have jammed through in Connecticut. It’s clear that Attorney Marshall, although she’s not there to advocate legislation, is all in favor of that as well.

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…And There Was Much…Mocking…Again…

[THIS IS NOT NEWS] Oregon continues to be the laughing stock of the nation.


It seems that my state – full of beautiful forests, majestic coastlines and abundant natural resources – is best known  for the progressive malarkey that passes for governance in Salem. Truth be told, said malarkey is primarily foisted upon the rest of us by two blue dots that occupy some “relatively” small real estate along the I-5 corridor – namely Portland and Eugene. This is a source of much consternation to those of us who also happen to reside in the general vicinity of these blue islands and generally pisses the hell out of most of the rest of the state. Given the huge numbers of progressives/liberals/anarchists/Maoists/Stalinists/Socialists/Democrats etcetera, etcetera… who share this space with us, it is incumbent on us [for the sake of brevity, let’s just call us…the sane] to share stories like this [language alert]:

John Oliver and Lisa Loeb mock failure of coveroregon.com in song: ‘You f*cking idiots’ 
By Tom Boggioni
Monday, April 28, 2014 7:24 EDT

Sunday night, John Oliver mocked the state of Oregon over the failure of its coveroregon.com healthcare website, using pop singer Lisa Loeb to parody one of the state’s cutesy advertisements for the program with a backdrop spelling out: ‘You f*cking idiots.’

Oliver, on his new HBO show Last Week Tonight, pointed out that Oregon has shut down its balky healthcare exchange website – sending Oregonians to the federal website instead – after spending $248 million on it.

“That has got to be a bitter pill to swallow for the people of Oregon,” Oliver said. “Or it would be if they could get the pill, which they can’t, because their shitty website is broken.”

Oliver pointed out that $3 million went to producing very-Oregonian commercials – showing a portion of one – before grimacing and saying, “We get it Oregon, you people live in a cartoon. Your mountains are breathtaking, your coffee is fair trade, and everywhere you go you hear the sound of f*cking ukuleles.”

With the help of Loeb, Oliver created a parody sing-along commercial to convey to the people of Oregon how costly the failed website program was.

Sample lyrics: ‘You stupid Oregon idiots, you human Pinterest boards. Your passion for cuteness might kill your whole state. So long, Oregon.’

Here is what $40 and an afternoon in West Salem produced: A Beethead Media  video that puts the obscenely overpriced “professional” advertisements to shame.

These are some 20-something chaps who didn’t buy into the Cover Oregon ruse from the get go and went to work making a rebuttal video that is leaps and bounds better than the drivel that ultimately cost Oregon taxpayer’s upwards of $3 MILLION!

Oregon taxpayers are on the hook [again] for another progressive pipe dream. A boondoggle of epic proportions that has cost our state millions with nothing to show for it but mocking articles and buckets of flop sweat from Democrats running for office. Jolly good show!


[VIDEO] Oregon Legislators Dodge Ethics Questions

Published on Apr 10, 2014

Oregon state Senator Diane Rosenbaum and state Representative Carolyn Tomei try to intimidate a constituent, dodge his question, are caught lying about what transpired at the SB1551 hearing, and in the end threaten to kick out the videographer… All while never answer the original question, and, in turn, they refuse to condemn the unethical and shady behavior of Senator Floyd Prozanski leading up to and during the gun bill hearing, essentially meaning that they are OK with such shenanigans.

Visit www.2ndAction.org for a full account of the entire town hall.

[VIDEO] Ashland, OR: Straight-faced man makes epic mockery of city council over gun ban

Published February 9, 2014 By

Some Oregon elected officials considering a ban on loaded guns in public were mocked mercilessly for the proposal. An Ashland, Ore., resident on Monday used “satire to point out the idiocy of the proposed ordinance” to City Council members, according to a video posted by Guns Save Lives. Oregon is an open-carry state, which means no license is required unless carrying a concealed firearm. The city of Portland passed its own ordinance prohibiting loaded guns in public places, and the Oregon Supreme Court upheld the law, according to the ABA Journal. Ashland is proposing a ban similar to Portland’s, the Ashland Daily Tidings reported. The resident speaking before the City Council said he represents Citizens for a Really Safe Ashland, explaining that his group wants to “capitalize on the desire to act in a timely manner, or even in a knee-jerk, expedited manner, to introduce a comprehensive public safety ordinance that, while perhaps not actually addressing any genuine or legitimate issues, does serve to promote a divisive and partisan agenda.”

He then offered a few suggestions on how to make the city “really safe.” The group “mocks knee-jerk gun control laws to the point of absurdity,” Dan Cannon wrote in Guns Save Lives. “How he kept a straight face the entire time is beyond me.”

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[VIDEO] Salem, OR: Governor John Kitzhaber Refuses Questions Regarding Cover Oregon Corruption

Oregon Governor Kitzhaber babbles on at the gun bill hearing, in the midst of an FBI investigation into his state version of Obamacare.

More on this story can be seen at KATU

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[VIDEO] Salem, OR: Governor’s Gestapo Intimidates Citizen At Gun Bill Hearing

Casey Runyan voices his protest over the admittance of Mark Kelly‘s testimony. He is promptly silenced by the committee chair Floyd Prozanski, and then deals with the stare down by Oregon State Police and Governor John Kitzhaber’s security detail.

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