Little People, Big Lie – Obamacare Cancels Healthcare for Stars of “Little People, Big World”

Posted by Oregon Media Watchdog on Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Obamacare has forced the health care cancellation of the stars of the television show “Little People, Big World” according family patriarch and Oregon businessman Matt Roloff.

Matt Roloff

From Matt’s official Facebook page: “Today I got the dreaded letter in the mail telling us our company Health care plan is being eliminated. (Up to this point ..I thought it was just scare tactics) We’ve been paying our own Health Care for many, many years due to pre-existing conditions etc etc. Now they are forcing my provider to cancel me?? How is this reform? I thought it was suppose to help those that couldn’t afford care to find it… How is canceling those that can.. going to accomplish that?? I’m confused.”


Matt is an American success story with a diverse career as an actor, author, farmer, speaker and businessman. He is best known for participating with his family on TLC’s “Little People, Big World” and beloved locally by thousands of visitors to their amazing farm. Matt, his wife Amy and one of their four children have dwarfism.

Sadly, this story is just one of millions playing out all over the country to Americans that were promised by President Obama that if they liked their insurance they could keep it. In this case, all we can say is “Little People, Big Lie”.

h/t Oregon Tea Party PAC

Netflix Takes A Tweep Shot At Sarah Palin With #SarahPalinFilms

Netflix Takes A Tweep Shot At Sarah Palin With #SarahPalinFilms (via

You know, I have long gotten so tired of people bashing Sarah Palin. She has more going for her than all libtards put together. She’s got brains, experience running government, she can speak about issues off the cuff, and what’s more, she’s not hard on the eyes either. Funny how these traits…

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Salem, Oregon: Statesman Journal Newspaper SILENT on Gosnell Murder Trial

UPDATE: I’ve been running this search every day and the Statesman Journal is STILL SILENT as of today.

Twitter has been blazing with the #Gosnell awareness campaign, which is bringing attention to the hideous crimes of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, PA. I was browsing articles on Twitchy and came across this piece on the deafening lack of coverage at the venerable New York Times. I decided to head on over to the Statesman Journal webpage and do a little search of my own.

Here’s what my search for “Gosnell” yielded today (April 14, 2013)

SJ Gosnell Search

Screen shot of search page at taken Sunday, April 14, 2013 at 1:00 pm

Now some may ask “why would a newspaper in Salem, Oregon cover a murder trial in Pennsylvania?” That’s a good question however, the Statesman Journal is the only major newspaper published in the capital city, it is owned by Gannett,  and it links to USA Today as it’s source for national news. So, perhaps the more troubling question is why didn’t my search yield any results from their national news affiliate?

All news starts out as “regional news”, but some events are so shocking that they transcend that status quickly and make the leap into national news. The Newtown school massacre, the Aurora theater massacre, and Super-storm Sandy were all regional tragedies that demanded national attention. The heinous crimes of Kermit Gosnell – and his murder trial – also have national significance and the massive amount of  social media attention reflects that.

There are people in communities across the country who rely on their local newspapers to give them the news: local, state-wide, and national. Given that these papers are part of a larger food chain of information, my search query should have brought up some results.

Media Portrayal of Republicans has Activist asking: We’re What? Really!

The Right Sided

We’re What? Really!

Mar 23, 2013
By David Darnell

Much has been written and said about “what went wrong” in the 2012 election cycle.  We lost a winnable presidential election and a few seats in Congress.  Never mind 30 Republican governors and 28 Republican controlled legislatures in a country of 50 states, we lost the big one and that hurt.  Like a feral cat who has chewed a hole in a garbage bag left on someone’s back porch, I too have been returning to feed on the postmortem.

Returning to Draper’s NYT Valentine’s Day post, I’m struck by the now often reported assessment of the GOP’s weakness.  Of a focus group session of young female Obama voters, the article states:

  ” About an hour into the session, Anderson walked up to a whiteboard and took out a magic marker. “I’m going to write down a word, and you guys free-associate with whatever comes to mind,” she said. The first word she wrote was “Democrat.”

“Young people,” one woman called out.

“Liberal,” another said. Followed by: “Diverse.” “Bill Clinton.”“Change.”“Open-minded.”“Spending.”“Handouts.”“Green.”“More science-based.”

When Anderson then wrote “Republican,” the outburst was immediate and vehement: “Corporate greed.”“Old.”“Middle-aged white men.” “Rich.” “Religious.” “Conservative.” “Hypocritical.” “Military retirees.” “Narrow-minded.” “Rigid.” “Not progressive.” “Polarizing.” “Stuck in their ways.” “Farmers.”

If you’re reading this you are likely politically savvy, or at least informed and are likely an activist…..and may very well ask the same question I did.  Who are these Republicans?  As I take a good hard look around me I just don’t see them.  Do you?

Are you working with old, rich, greedy, white farmers who are blah, blah, blah?   Admittedly the party I invest my time, dubious talent and treasure in has several of the old guard, but by and large we are none of the above.  so how did the GOP get here?  How have we come to be perceived as these young women see us?  Is that our message?  Or does the message come from someone other than those of us occupying the rank and file of the Republican Party.

As a Republican Party activist I bought the lie in believing that my advocation of a realistic view of some social issues would guarantee my pariahship.  Quite the contrary.  It seems that my fellow SoCons do recognize that abortion, though an abhorrent procedure, is not illegal in America.  Not something we would ever support but not a club to be used to beat a voter over the head with.  And the sending of Rand Paul’s suggestion of removing marriage  from the tax code  (that it need not be redefined) up the flagpole did not draw the fire I thought it might.  We really are not those people.

I have yet to confidently refute Brietbart’s take on politics.  Policy IS downstream of culture.  Culture IS downstream of media.  This focus group, like millions of other everyday ordinary Americans, has been spoon fed a twisted and inaccurate depiction of Lincoln’s party.  The left leaning bias of American media needs no introduction and it’s sway over public opinion is beyond question.

If we acknowledge that the voters we seek to court view Republicans through the truth filters of the mainstream media, are we to change our positions and platforms to suit the popular misconceptions?  Would a shift in policy position then not be based on a false premise?  And if we radically change our positions, are we to believe the Democrat/Media Complex will suddenly reveal to the American public the true nature of the vast majority of Republican voters and activists?  I don’t think so.

Honest polling confirms that the majority of Americans hold a center-right view and do not run away screaming at the idea of smaller government, lower taxes and more individual freedom.  Simply, it is not the Republican message that is a repellent to some voters,  it’s the leftist media’s version of the Republican message some find unpalatable….and rightfully so.

My point is this.  Let’s not make a game plan or a strategy based on the string pulling of a corrupt and biased media.  In doing so we will only force the puppet master to jerk the strings in a different direction.  WE WILL NEVER GET A FAIR SHAKE FROM THE DEMOCRAT/MEDIA COMPLEX…lets not try.  We ARE the Rightsided and when we claim the rights to our own message and deliver it to the people…one person at a time…we will win elections.

David Darnell is Chairman of the Marion County (OR) Republican Party. Read more from David Darnell here and follow him on Twitter

Words Matter when it comes to Terrorism

My Step-father, Mark Wheeler makes a very strong point about naming things as they are and not giving in to political correctness with popular terminology.

Murder is an act of violence not an act of responsibility and it is ridiculous for the media use the term “Terrorist claiming responsibility” for the horror of murder. We teach our children to be responsible citizens, and since when are murder and terrorism responsible acts?

Mark proposes changing the way these stories are covered and the words used to describe the perpetrators. When a terrorist group claims that they are behind a bombing, shooting or any other violent act they must be properly identified as the KILLERS or MURDERS!

Please share if you agree with Mark’s idea because #WordsMatter.

Mark Wheeler lives in Olympia, Washington, and  is a father and grandfather who is passionate about his family and the world they will inherit. Follow him at @powergrandpa on Twitter