[VIDEO] Salem, OR: Governor’s Gestapo Intimidates Citizen At Gun Bill Hearing

Casey Runyan voices his protest over the admittance of Mark Kelly‘s testimony. He is promptly silenced by the committee chair Floyd Prozanski, and then deals with the stare down by Oregon State Police and Governor John Kitzhaber’s security detail.

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[VIDEO] Salem, OR: Shooting Victim’s Family Sets Record Straight

Today’s hearing in Salem, Oregon on SB 1551, Senator Prozanski’s gun registration expansion, was an enlightening look at how the left and the right view the gun control vs. gun rights issue. Former astronaut, Mark Kelly, husband of former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, provided a little celebrity cache to the hearing but, it was the personal testimony of dozens of regular Oregonians that dominated the proceedings. While gun owners are often referred to as a “vocal minority,” the sign-up sheets for testimony showed 19 people in support of the bill, with 28 opposed.

Portland media outlets were out in full force today and the nightly news broadcasts are peppered with snippets from today’s testimony. What you won’t see in the MSM is the full testimony from impassioned Oregonians who got up at the crack of dawn to make sure they got on the list to testify. Here is the first of five videos recorded today in Salem.

The anti gun crowd continue to use the death of Jessie Doyle as a reason to support more gun controls. Jessi’s brother in law, Chris Cochran, sets the record straight.

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Gabby Gifford’s husband Mark Kelly Wants to Take Away Gun Rights

This photo from the Portland Police Bureau Central Precinct Range  shows Mr. Gabby Giffords firing off a few rounds – was this before or after he testified against Oregonian’s Second Amendment rights.

Mark Kelly had no compunction about coming to Salem, Oregon today to join the likes of Gov. John Kitzhaber and Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D- Eugene to speak in favor of taking away my rights and require expanding background checks to private gun sales. He has the unmitigated gall to argue that making me, a woman, defenseless is the right thing to do and sees nothing wrong with requiring me to provide all manner of  information if I buy or sell a gun privately.

Coincidence? Oregon Gun Bill Hearings Postponed…Gabby Giffords & Mark Kelly to Appear in Salem

Here’s an interesting coincideMark-Kelly-Breitbartnce. It’s been announced that the hearings for the many Burdick/Greenlick gun bills have been postponed for “a couple of weeks”.

Now, take a look below to see that, Oh My Gosh, Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark “AR-15” Kelly will be in Salem in a couple of weeks. What? How amazing is that – I wonder if Ginny and Mitch will invite them to the capitol for a tour or something fun like that!

Here’s the information from the Elsinore Theater about how you can spend an evening with Mark and Gabby, who, I might add, seem to be lovely people. Lovely people who are being used shamelessly by the gun grabbing, 2nd Amendment hating left.

4/26/13 Fri

“Endeavour  to Succeed”. An evening with Captain Mark Kelly with guest appearance by Gabby Giffords @ 6:30 pm. Presented by the Medical Foundation of Marion & Polk Counties. Proceeds benefit MedAssist & Project Access.