…And There Was Much…Mocking…Again…

[THIS IS NOT NEWS] Oregon continues to be the laughing stock of the nation.


It seems that my state – full of beautiful forests, majestic coastlines and abundant natural resources – is best known  for the progressive malarkey that passes for governance in Salem. Truth be told, said malarkey is primarily foisted upon the rest of us by two blue dots that occupy some “relatively” small real estate along the I-5 corridor – namely Portland and Eugene. This is a source of much consternation to those of us who also happen to reside in the general vicinity of these blue islands and generally pisses the hell out of most of the rest of the state. Given the huge numbers of progressives/liberals/anarchists/Maoists/Stalinists/Socialists/Democrats etcetera, etcetera… who share this space with us, it is incumbent on us [for the sake of brevity, let’s just call us…the sane] to share stories like this [language alert]:

John Oliver and Lisa Loeb mock failure of coveroregon.com in song: ‘You f*cking idiots’ 
By Tom Boggioni
Monday, April 28, 2014 7:24 EDT

Sunday night, John Oliver mocked the state of Oregon over the failure of its coveroregon.com healthcare website, using pop singer Lisa Loeb to parody one of the state’s cutesy advertisements for the program with a backdrop spelling out: ‘You f*cking idiots.’

Oliver, on his new HBO show Last Week Tonight, pointed out that Oregon has shut down its balky healthcare exchange website – sending Oregonians to the federal website instead – after spending $248 million on it.

“That has got to be a bitter pill to swallow for the people of Oregon,” Oliver said. “Or it would be if they could get the pill, which they can’t, because their shitty website is broken.”

Oliver pointed out that $3 million went to producing very-Oregonian commercials – showing a portion of one – before grimacing and saying, “We get it Oregon, you people live in a cartoon. Your mountains are breathtaking, your coffee is fair trade, and everywhere you go you hear the sound of f*cking ukuleles.”

With the help of Loeb, Oliver created a parody sing-along commercial to convey to the people of Oregon how costly the failed website program was.

Sample lyrics: ‘You stupid Oregon idiots, you human Pinterest boards. Your passion for cuteness might kill your whole state. So long, Oregon.’

Here is what $40 and an afternoon in West Salem produced: A Beethead Media  video that puts the obscenely overpriced “professional” advertisements to shame.

These are some 20-something chaps who didn’t buy into the Cover Oregon ruse from the get go and went to work making a rebuttal video that is leaps and bounds better than the drivel that ultimately cost Oregon taxpayer’s upwards of $3 MILLION!

Oregon taxpayers are on the hook [again] for another progressive pipe dream. A boondoggle of epic proportions that has cost our state millions with nothing to show for it but mocking articles and buckets of flop sweat from Democrats running for office. Jolly good show!