Gosnell’s Media Cover Up: Lifeists vs. Abortionists

Written on Monday, April 22, 2013 by Steven Crowder via Patriot Update

kermit-gosnell-799a1046201ee9f6Once you wade through the political rhetoric, the media cover-up and the overall ugliness surrounding the Kermit Gosnell trial, there’s an important message to take away: The abortion debate is transparently becoming less and less about when life begins, and instead about two groups of people separated by an increasingly large ideological gap.

How else do you explain the thousands of people killing their children on a mere “in or out” technicality?

No, as you peel the layers of obfuscation from the atrocity that is the modern abortion holocaust, you will find a battle between two groups of people with very, very different values. Those people are either Lifeists or Abortionists.

(Sidenote: Kermit Gosnell is an evil murderer, the kind of guy who has Satan personally praying for the man’s salvation just so that he can deny him entry. Is a fetus a human being? Certainly much more so than Gosnell. On with the column.)

Terms like “pro-choice” sound benign. Leftists designed them that way. Who could possibly be against choice?  Whether it’s “reproductive rights” or pizza toppings, “choice” sounds like a really good thing. But for this term to hold any real meaning, one would have to assume first that its adversaries are anti-choice, and that “choice” has anything to do with legitimizing murder.

Lifeists believe in choices as well. The choice to abstain from sex, the choice to engage in protected sex, or even the choices made to correct past mistakes, like giving a child up for adoption, or taking responsibilities for one’s actions (be that through becoming a loving mother or active father).

No, Abortionists aren’t “pro-choice.” They simply allow the ideal of comfortable choice — of convenient choice — to trump the value of life.

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“Why” is the wrong question to ask about the Boston Marathon Bombing

by Jennifer on April 19, 2013
Victory Girls Blog

There are many people who have been asking the question “Why?!” since Monday’s bombing of the Boston Marathon. While I understand that this is certainly the human tendency in the face of tragedy I can tell you that in light of what we have found out about the two brothers who evidently did this-”Why??” is the WRONG question.

Now I have to say a few things before we dive in here-the brother who is at large is accused, and according to our justice system is innocent until proven guilty and convicted of the crime(s) he is accused of. Also, I have no inside baseball on these two clowns-what I can offer is a number of years of research and educational experience understanding the radical Islamist, and the movement in general. One more thing-not all Muslims are radicals, just as not all Democrats are extreme left-wingers and Tea Partiers are not Tim McVeigh types-I hope you understand what I am trying to say here.

The radical Islamist IS NOT your typical Muslim. These are people who have bought into a totalitarian mindset that is supported by a specific belief system. To understand these folks you need to suspend what you think you know. Islamism is something totally different than what we as Americans are used to. This is NOT a religion, this is a totalitarian belief system that believes in supremacy over all other belief systems. When you think about Islamists I want you to think “Nazi” or “Maoist”. Think about the quote from Mao that talked about how power grows out of the barrel of a gun. The only difference here is the choice of weapon. Islamism uses our own laws and belief systems against us.

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