#BlogCon2013 – Coalition Building, uniting Conservatives and Libertarians

This panel – Russ Walker, Michelle Ray, Jason Pye, and Teri Christoph – was by far my favorite of #BlogCon2013. It was a spirited and passionate discussion on how Conservatives and Libertarians must find common ground in the ongoing fight for Freedom.

Survivor of Communist Cuba Delivers Impassioned 2nd Amendment Defense: ‘A Dictatorial Regime Will Destroy the Country’

Cuban Communism Survivor Manuel Martinez Defends Second Amendment in Salem, Oregon

A man who escaped communist Cuba gave an impassioned defense of the rights of his adopted country Friday, saying “only [his] death” will stop him from speaking out about freedom and the Second Amendment, which he says are one in the same.

Testifying in Salem, Oregon, on proposed gun control legislation, Manuel Martinez grew visibly emotional when describing all he has seen.

After describing how “malicious” individuals “masquerading as Democrats” came into power into power in Cuba in 1957, Martinez described how they went to work disarming the citizenry and established a bloody regime.

Read more and watch his powerful testimony here

Agenda 21: How It’s Impacting Education In America (via http://www.thebrennerbrief.com)

 This article is the sixth in a multi-part series designed to inform readers of the impending danger of United Nations (UN) Agenda 21. To view prior installments, click here Agenda 21, also known as ‘Sustainable Development’, is the action plan to inventory and control all land, all water…