Coincidence? Oregon Gun Bill Hearings Postponed…Gabby Giffords & Mark Kelly to Appear in Salem

Here’s an interesting coincideMark-Kelly-Breitbartnce. It’s been announced that the hearings for the many Burdick/Greenlick gun bills have been postponed for “a couple of weeks”.

Now, take a look below to see that, Oh My Gosh, Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark “AR-15” Kelly will be in Salem in a couple of weeks. What? How amazing is that – I wonder if Ginny and Mitch will invite them to the capitol for a tour or something fun like that!

Here’s the information from the Elsinore Theater about how you can spend an evening with Mark and Gabby, who, I might add, seem to be lovely people. Lovely people who are being used shamelessly by the gun grabbing, 2nd Amendment hating left.

4/26/13 Fri

“Endeavour  to Succeed”. An evening with Captain Mark Kelly with guest appearance by Gabby Giffords @ 6:30 pm. Presented by the Medical Foundation of Marion & Polk Counties. Proceeds benefit MedAssist & Project Access.