The Brenner Brief

“The Lonesome Pair” is a thematic piece based on President Barack Obama’s second inaugural ceremony.

“The Lonesome Pair” refers to a pair of Bibles which will be employed during the ceremony. One of the Bibles belonged to President Abraham Lincoln, and the other Bible had been Dr. Martin Luther King‘s possession.

The irony of the presence of the two Bibles at the celebrated event  is rich. It was during President Obama’s first term that a struggle for religious liberty  ensued. Obama’s HHS mandates have  threatened many Church and commercial entities’ freedom of conscience. The Benghazi deaths cry out for justice, and the country’s outlook appears bleak. During this time, Obama wins a second opportunity to lead a nation. In a nod of homage, the President calls to mind President Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King, through use of their Biblical possessions during the ceremony.


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The Brenner Brief

The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.

~ George Washington

Washington_Constitutional_Convention_1787-458x300I found myself wondering during the fiscal cliff negotiations — who made this deal? Conservatives said to the president last year, if you don’t reduce spending, we’re going to give you everything you want. We will cut defense and raise taxes across the board.

Our leaders on the right probably thought the president wouldn’t want to raise taxes and hurt the economy in its current fragile state.  Or, they thought he wouldn’t want to cut defense and reduce our ability to project power in the world. What the Republican party hasn’t figured out yet is that this president doesn’t care about the economic future of this country.  He doesn’t care if our stature and military capability is diminished or destroyed altogether.  He is pursuing a whole different agenda.


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Liberty Chick

It’s usually not my style to prompt people to hit the Tip Jar (my Donate page).  However, this month has been an extraordinary one for me.  So, after a good deal of prompting from friends, I finally decided to post this message.

Some of my friends are aware that I’ve suffered with Lupus since being diagnosed 15 years ago.  Creating awareness of the disease is a public advocacy effort of mine.

While usually manageable, once every few years or so, it can get extremely difficult. Unfortunately, that’s where I’ve been for a few months now.  It’s been quite a roller coaster ride.

Recently, I had an unexpected ambulance trip to the hospital and some significant additional unexpected medical expenses … with still more to come.  As most of you who are bloggers know, health insurance is hard to come by in this profession.  I usually do just fine paying my…

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TwitterGulagSince April of 2012 many conservatives on Twitter have experienced either a suspension or know of someone who has been suspended.  After Chris Loesch’s unjust suspension, conservatives suspended for their beliefs joined around the term Twitter Gulag, which became a hashtag many would rally around.

Solutions to the Gulag problem have been considered and a various people have voiced their opinion.  Some say a mass reprisal against leftists who are doing the suspensions should be made, but after all we play by the rules and it would not be nice to ‘return the favor’ on leftists who could be tricked.  Those who understand Twitter’s algorithm probably wouldn’t get suspended anyway as they will not fall for the tricks.

There are a few characteristics of suspensions.  Most come after an account is mass blocked.

Let’s say you encounter a leftist and have a discussion.  It is very heated and your opponent…

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