Salem, OR City Council Votes to Ban Smoking on Public Sidewalks

It appears that the Salem City Council believes it’s OK to harass and bully one group of people in order to appease another. On Monday evening the council voted 6-2 to ban smoking on the sidewalks and landscape strips in the public right-of-way adjacent to properties where smoking is prohibited. Councilors Brad Nanke and Bruce Rogers were the two no votes with Nanke making strong objections to the ban.

This ban will expand private property NO SMOKING ZONES to include the public sidewalks and landscape strips that are adjacent to Salem Hospital and Willamette University. The same sidewalks that smokers use and that they pay for with their tax dollars – how is it fair to prevent taxpaying citizens from engaging in a legal activity on property that they pay for? It’s not and with only two councilors voting no – one with a strong voice for freedom and liberty and the other for neighborhood concerns – the City of Salem has granted permission for a minority group to be bullied because they don’t approve of the legal activity they are engaged in.

Watch the testimony and discussion (1:34:43) and listen closely to how this issue was presented to the council and the words the proponents use to sell the concept of stripping law abiding citizens of their rights in the name of “cultural values.”

Should You Need a Prescription to Buy Cigarettes?

Oregon smokers are already the turd in the punchbowl at work and in public places. So Portland Rep. Mitch Greenlick’s brilliant idea to force people addicted to nicotine to beg their doctor for a prescription only serves to heap on more scorn and not actually accomplish anything meaningful – like getting people to quit smoking. If common sense still has a shred of relevance anymore, this bill won’t go anywhere and smokers ultimately won’t face a misdemeanor charge for partaking in what has been a legal activity for ages.

Josh Kaib from WATCHDOGWIRE – Oregon breaks it down nicely in this article.