StreamSavers: Erasing the negative effects of man and nature upon nature.

The StreamSavers Mission

StreamSavers is a conservation organization that cleans waterways of pollution, heavy metals and garbage. The StreamSavers organization is dedicated to healthy watersheds, seeking to protect the environment through the removal of pollution, recycling and watershed habitat and ecology education through grassroots organizations and volunteers.

A Career Bringing Natural History to Life

Stephen Quinn, the senior diorama artist at the American Museum of Natural History, is retiring after nearly 40 years at the museum.

Stephen Quinn, the senior diorama artist at the American Museum of Natural History, is retiring after nearly 40 years at the museum.


“I’m in my work clothes,” Stephen Christopher Quinn said as he smoothed a dark blue apron splotched with paint. “I’ve got to finish two murals by Friday.”

Standing in front of the buffalo diorama that he had restored, he meant to sound apologetic, but he sounded busy. He is the da Vinci of dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History, its Botticelli of birds, its Renoir of rhinoceroses. As the museum’s senior diorama artist, he has masterminded the scenes that make the crowds ooh and ahhh: the big blue whale, the huge coral reef, the gorillas beating their chests, the archaeopteryx, the acanthostega.

Those last two are in one of the fourth-floor dinosaur halls. You cannot mention the museum’s dioramas without mentioning its dinosaurs — in this case the archaeopteryx, a bird that bridged the evolutionary gap between dinosaurs that had feathers and latter-day birds. Or the acanthostega, an extinct creature that must have looked like a small alligator. It was one of the first to have distinct, recognizable limbs and hands with eight digits, if you counted them. Mr. Quinn, who is nothing if not precise, did.

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Note: Stephen Quinn is my uncle and I’m very proud of the work he has done! Kudos and Happy Retirement Uncle Deet Deet!

Agenda 21: How It’s Impacting Education In America (via

 This article is the sixth in a multi-part series designed to inform readers of the impending danger of United Nations (UN) Agenda 21. To view prior installments, click here Agenda 21, also known as ‘Sustainable Development’, is the action plan to inventory and control all land, all water…

A “Kangaroo Townhall” Won’t Help the CRC

Clark County Conservative

We’re all familiar with the term, Kangaroo Court meaning “a mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted.” Maybe it is time we also applied it to townhalls by elected officials who have no intent to listen to constituents and instead seem to think they have to sell us on a defective project the majority of their constituents’ have indicated they do not want.

A Townhall is supposed to be an “informal public meeting where everybody in a town community is invited to attend, voice their opinions, and hear the responses from public figures and elected officials about shared subjects of interest.”

But as we continue to see, many of those elected officials appear reluctant to listen to constituents areas of concern in Washington State 49th Legislative District, especially where the overly ambitious Columbia River Crossing Project is concerned.

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