Today America Says No in Roseburg

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dont_tread_on_me-e1411142106975There are days when I am filled with sadness for the state of my nation. There are days when I am filled with frustration, anger, and yes sometimes even rage. The disgusting state of our government, seeking control and the enslavement of its citizens, sometimes makes me wonder if the fight is even winnable. For decades, better men and women than I have stood on liberty’s line and faced down those whose evil appetites want nothing but our freedom, and some days it seems like we are even further in the rabbit hole than ever.

Today is not one of those days.  Today I am filled with hope, because this morning patriots from across America will stand in a small town in the Pacific Northwest and say NO. What started as a small group of patriots standing up has gone viral, because we’ve had enough. Enough.

In the aftermath of a horrific event, that has taken lives forever and changed many more, the liberty that belongs to all of us is more at stake than ever. Nine souls were taken last week, by a coward whose name should be forgotten for all time.  Their families are devastated, filled with a loss that only others in their position can ever truly fathom.

To us, they are fellow Americans who deserve our love, our support, and our defense. To Obama, they are nothing but a quick stop and photo on the way to a party with Jamie Foxx, where attendance costs $10,000 per person. They are an easy poster child for his agenda of criminalizing gun owners and removing the one obstacle left between the federal government and their dream of total control. To Obama, their dead loved ones were an opportunity. To us, they were Americans.

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Common Sense, Common People…Common Core? Building The Machine


“Building the Machine” introduces the public to the Common Core States Standards Initiative (CCSSI) and its effects on our children’s education. The documentary compiles interviews from leading educational experts, including members of the Common Core Validation Committee. Parents, officials, and the American public should be involved in this national decision regardless of their political persuasion.


The Common Core is the largest systemic reform of American public education in recent history. What started as a collaboration between the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers to reevaluate and nationalize America’s education standards has become one of the most controversial—and yet, unheard of—issues in the American public.

In 2010, 45 states adopted the Common Core, but according to a May 2013 Gallup Poll, 62% of Americans said they had never heard of the Common Core. Prominent groups and public figures have broken traditional party lines over the issue, leaving many wondering where they should stand.

Find out more about the Common Core:…

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A Veteran’s Testimony: The Steep Cost of the Ryan/Murray Budget


The following letter, penned by a US military veteran (who wishes to remain anonymous) to Washington State Senator Patty Murray, came to my attention recently. In it, this veteran admonishes the senator for her role in the budget deal and attempts to present to her the real world impact this “deal” will have on real American military families.

Senator Murray,
         I have never written a member of congress before this week but I feel compelled to do so reference the current budget plan. I recall in 2012 getting a letter from your campaign asking for my support as a military veteran. You touted your track record for fighting for veteran’s benefits and how proud of you were of your father who is a WWII veteran. Your website describes how much you were impacted as you served, what must have been, a very difficult internship at the Seattle VA in college.

As I have watched the budget debate unfold on the news over the last few weeks, it has become apparent to me that I can no longer trust my government to keep its promises to its veterans. I have served two tours in Iraq and was wounded twice. I have spent 17 years in the Army and continue to serve my country faithfully. For the first time in my career, I feel that the trust I had in my government has been broken. The very fact that you mention me and my fellow service members in the same breath as “other government employees” is an insult. Does the Department of Agriculture, the IRS or any other government agency ask their employees to sacrifice as much as the Military does? I have been overseas and worked with other government agencies. Trust me, Madam Senator, it doesn’t even compare. I have literally bled for my country and spent two years of the prime of my life in a dusty desert that most people only see in the movies or on television. I don’t think that is even in the same ball park as a State Department employee that spends their entire career in the beltway and refuses to go to Afghanistan.

The COLA adjustment reduction is a complete travesty. I have heard proponents talk about it only being a one percent reduction and that we will get it back when we reach age 62. Well, 1% is a pretty big deal when the average COLA increase is 2.5%.  I haven’t heard a proponent refer to it that way yet. If you do the math, Madam Senator, that is over $120,000 for me and my family if I retire at 45 years old. That may not seem like a lot to you or your colleagues in Washington, but it is to me. Is Congressional retirement impacted in this same deal? I think we all know the answer to that. I fully understand that there are areas in our government, the Department of Defense included, that are wasteful and need to be cut. I believe you called the cuts in this deal “a compromise with smarter cuts”. They have to be to keep Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act going. My question is why do you turn to your veterans first? We are the only current employees impacted in the deal.

I am sure that my letter will never reach you and one of your staff members will delete this email by the second paragraph. On the slim chance, however, that this does reach your attention, know that you can post all of the great things you do for veterans on your official website, but those words are hollow and untrue. As you so eloquently were quoted on the 10th of December “restore trust that had been lost by people across the country that we could function as a Congress and as a democracy”, know that you are doing so as a result of yet another sacrifice by me and my colleagues. I am sure that your father is proud. So, thank Rep. Ryan for me the next time you see him. I look forward to casting my vote in 2018.

Signed ~ A United States Veteran

Military retirees are the only group impacted this way by the budget deal; it doesn’t impact other government employees that are currently in the system. Most men and women joined the military knowing fully the risks involved. However, they also believed the promise that their country would take care of them. This budget deal breaks that promise.

MUST WATCH: Elbert Guillory: “Why I Am a Republican”

Published on Jun 16, 2013

Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory (R-Opelousas) explains why he recently switched from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party. He discusses the history of the Republican Party, founded as an Abolitionist Movement in 1854. Guillory talks about how the welfare state is only a mechanism for politicians to control the black

Top 10 Ways to get Slandered by the Left

by Joe Wurzelbacher on Apr 29, 2013 | Joe The Plumber

imagesSociopaths very rarely have cohesive thoughts which can be used in debate or discussion. They simply attack you if you disagree with them. It’s kind of their deal, and forms the core of why people tend to steer clear of, make no eye contact with, or interact with insane or unstable individuals. Most of these poor souls don’t know they’re lacking in the critical thinking department and often react viscerally and intimidatingly, or even physically as a conflict resolution.

Which brings me to the contemporary Liberal: They attack you if you disagree with them as well, but there’s a distinct difference in most cases. They know a reasoned discussion will result in their position being exposed as myopic, loaded with unintended consequences, or even insane when the “repeating the same behavior and expecting different results” adage is applied. I say “most cases” because Liberals are known to use extreme intimidation, threats and even physical violence as conflict resolution as well.

I’m not going to bore you with examples, but Google the names, Kenneth Gladney, Allee Bautsch or Congressman Bob Etheridge for fodder. If that doesn’t get your blood running, try Christopher Dorner, Shawn R. Christy, or Theodore Kaczynski if you need your Liberals a little more extreme.

code_pink_murderLiberals are paranoid, deceitful, insecure, vile, and delusional for sure, but the problem now is the sheer number of them in leadership positions in politics, the media and academia. While the rest of us were busy working hard, raising families, and generally just kicking ass, Liberals were slithering their way into power. The result is political correctness now being wielded like a sword against reasoned thought, and a scary growth of collectivism in America. When conservatives see policies put into place that are not working, the left attacks us personally. Let’s put the Left vs. the Right in proper context:

1) We see our immigration policy doesn’t work, you call us racist

2) We see America is over regulated; you say we want dirty air and water

3) We see the welfare system perpetuates misery, and you say we hate the poor

4) We see gay marriage as hurting the family, you call us homophobes

5) We see Al Gore getting rich off a hoax, you say we hate science.

6) We believe in all the Bill of Rights, you call us violent extremists

7) We believe American culture is exceptional; you say we’re imperialist

8) We believe in personal responsibility, you say we’re cruel

9) We want to protect unborn babies; you say we want a War on Women

10) We believe in God and liberty, you use a gay slur and call us teabaggers

When confronted with the facts or even doubt, Liberals will vilify or assault anyone they consider to be an adversary. Their opponents are not just someone who disagrees – they are the enemy who needs to be destroyed personally, professionally and even physically. Conservatives attack the issues, you attack us. You belittle, you use hate, you fear monger, you go after our kids and families without regard or remorse. It is a strategy outlined very plainly in a number of publications, with three of them standing out as primers for today’s American Left: Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the Cloward-Piven strategy blueprint, and the Communist Manifesto.

Google them.

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Salem, OR Chapter of The Well Armed Woman


The Well Armed Woman is local groups of women around the country that meet monthly to practice, learn and grow as shooters. We create opportunities for women shooters to be introduced to issues that are important to us, learn safe gun handling skills and train together.

We are here to expand the world of firearms to women all over the country in a safe, non-threatening way with the purpose of Educating, Equipping and Empowering woman shooters.

  • Educating women on firearm safety, gun care and handling
  • Developing gun handling skills
  • Building defensive gun skills and awareness
  • Developing confidence
  • Networking with women of like interests
  • Meeting new people/socializing 531714_3494237154790_1764379880_n

This is a brand new program and Salem, Oregon is part of a growing list of chapters forming all over the country.

We welcome women 21 years and older of all experience levels. From seasoned shooters to women just getting started with buying, shooting, and caring for firearms, we offer a comfortable learning environment.

If you live in the Mid-Willamette Valley and want to find out more send an email to or click here to find out more.

Salem 912 Meeting ~ Are You Prepared?

What Is A Disaster?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a disaster is:

 An event that overwhelms existing resources
to deal with the event

  • natural or caused by human actions,
  • any season of the year,
  • covers a limited or a wide-ranging geographic area
  • event is relatively unexpected, with little or no prior warning or opportunity to prepare
  • available personnel and emergency services may not be available during the initial stages of a disaster because of demands for their services
  • lives, health, and the environment are endangered

This is a must attend meeting for you, your family, and your friends.

912 Project Salem – General Meeting

Friday January 11, 2013

912 Preparedness flyer