A Personal Endorsement for Brad Nanke

So I am obviously married to Brad, and it could be easy to expect that of course I would endorse him for the commissioner spot. But I think it’s important for me to talk about the side of Brad that not everyone gets to see. If you can’t tell by his sincerity in public, Brad actually cares a hell of a lot about this community, and this is not just a job for him.

City Council is something he takes seriously. The various boards that he is on or is chairing are things he takes seriously. He’s up late doing research and learning more about the issues he’s deliberating or voting on because he’s not just about doing what needs to be done, he’s about doing the right thing.

Brad is the kind of man who brings his best to volunteer positions. He holds himself to a high standard.

I have stood, side by side, with this man through many years of late night meetings, time away from family, and the ups-and-downs of political life as a city councilor and community volunteer. And I know his heart. I know the sacrifices he makes for our community and the time and effort he puts into being present and accountable. I know the energy he spends advocating for the people and things he believes deeply in and how it affects him on a deeply personal level, because it is personal to him. This man not only says what he believes, he does what he believes. He acts on what he believes.

So yes, I do want you to know the man that I love and respect tremendously, and I want you to vote for him, because I see how he carries the responsibilities he has now, and I know that he’s consistent.

Brad takes the citizens and the issues of Marion County seriously. He is the real deal and I know he will truly represent your voice and your values as our Marion County commissioner.



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