Integrity Is a Real Pain in the Arse



Integrity is a real pain in the arse – my integrity is always getting in my way.

I know, that’s a weird thing to say but it’s true – if I didn’t have integrity I would likely have doubled my followers in social media, grown my radio show in an epic way and not have spent two months being threatened with death and all sorts of other unpleasant happenings. BUT OH NO, freakin’ integrity gets in the way.

See, I could have jumped on that ol’ Trump Train like so many other mid-level pundits did but I chose not to. And believe me, when you work in any type of media you pick and choose what you will and will not “cover” for readers and listeners. Anyone telling you otherwise is delusional or full of it. But with Trump, there was just so much wrong with him and his campaign…

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