VeinViewer Uses Infrared Light to Look Under Your Skin

2250x1500xvein.jpg.pagespeed.ic.xe9BHyXJK3I spotted this headline while roaming around the WeberNetz today and immediately clicked to the story. Once you reach a certain age, undoubtedly you’ve had your share of IVs and given blood by way of donation or for lab tests. Regardless, we’re all familiar with the needle and sometimes, with the accompanying treasure hunt for a good vein. This device looks like a brilliant way to mitigate all of the poking and prodding that I, for one, dread when faced with prospect of the needle.


If you are scared of the needle because you have difficult-to-locate veins, there is some good news for you.

To keep the guesswork out of injections, a Memphis-based company Christie Medical Holdings, has designed a device that can locate veins inside a person’s arm using harmless near-infrared light.

VeinViewer is a vein finder that uses infrared light to look under the skin and projects an HD image of the veins onto the surface of the skin. There won’t be any miss when the doctors and nurses poke you with a needle next time.

This highly portable device helps hospital staff to immediately locate a vein inside a person’s arm. It can find veins up to 0.4 inches or 10mm deep. The light detects hemoglobin in the blood and then instantly illuminates the intricate network of veins.

The light is totally painless but highly accurate, increasing both first-stick success and patient satisfaction.

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