Obama Attorney for Oregon: “OK With Universal Background Checks and Limits to Magazine Clips”

From Daylight Disinfectant

Published on Oct 22, 2014

Obama appointed US District Attorney Amanda Marshall: “I think we need a bunch of Oregonian guys in flannel shirts with rifles out there, and trucks,… saying: “Hey I’m OK with, you know, Universal Background Checks and limits to magazine clips …”

Dateline Tuesday October 21, 2014 – Portland Oregon: In this Volume 2 of highlights from the Gabby Giffords event, we look at just what legislation is envisioned by the folks around the table. Representative Smith Warner states: “I’m glad to be here to talk to all of you about what we can do in the legislature next year.” The group then speaks to what change needs to be made to share the Oregon gun database with the feds. Remember, theoretically this database does not exist.

Judy Shiprack, Multnomah County Commissioner, District 3, calls Representative Warner on the carpet asking her just what she’s going to do about it. Rep. Smith Warner suggests: “If the problem came from an Administrative ruling, can the solution come from an administrative ruling as well?” (Watch for that slight of hand in the next legislative session). Representative Smith warner then nods along is ascention as Erin Greenwald, Attorney for Oregon Department of Justice, suggests changes to State law which would allow Law Enforcement to confiscate weapons without a person ever having been convicted of a crime. Vanessa Timmons of Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, echoes the sentiments, leaving no doubt that group’s goal is to make the Oregon Law the same as the Federal Law.

U.S. Attorney S. Amanda Marshall, takes a poke at Oregon Sheriffs, lamenting the fact that they will not enforce Unconstitutional Federal Laws. (For someone who is not supposed to be advocating legislation, Attorney Marshall seems to be taking some pretty strongly held positions in her official capacity.) In an exchange with Gabby Giffords the Oregon Sheriffs are derided with laughter and compared with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Robert Yuille, one of four board members of “Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership” is quoted as saying we need to change the culture, but in the end: “”Certainly we need registration!” In a rare moment of honesty, the Marshall states: “”The truth is: More kids die every year in swimming pools.” (So why are we here again?). Shiprack then brings up her advocacy for limits to Magazine Capacity limitations like those they have jammed through in Connecticut. It’s clear that Attorney Marshall, although she’s not there to advocate legislation, is all in favor of that as well.

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