I-594: Background Check “Loopholes”? Much Ado About Nothing

The Right Argument

This is the second post in a three-part series on I-594, a Washington State ballot initiative that would require background checks on all state gun sales and transfers. The first post delved into commentary regarding several implications of the proposed law, and can be found here. Later this week, part three will cover various philosophical aspects of gun ownership in general, and how I-594 would impact it.

In geometry, the shortest distance between two points may in fact be a straight line, but in political discourse, the shortest distance between everything wrong in America and Shangri-La are those dreaded “loopholes”.

And why not? For if there’s a culprit in every injustice, for some, “loopholes” fill that role quite well indeed. Warren Buffet purportedly pays less tax than his poor secretary? “Loopholes”, they cry. Burger King gobbling up Canadian coffee and doughnut store Tim Horton’s to skirt fiscally chilling U.S. corporate…

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