God’s Kingdom in a Group Text

Beethead Media

I experience joy and sorrow at the behest of a group text.

After returning from a life-changing mission trip, our team members established a group text to communicate in the days after, sharing verses of scripture and uplifting words, and coordinating post-trip video interviews and fellowship. The watchword was unity – the idea of Christian unity was, and is, sacred. Awe inspiring.

It wasn’t the group text as its own object – that was merely a vessel – but instead the people behind it and their shocking dedication to love and compassion that has changed the entire way I look at the world. I feel as though, through the window of that thread, the mission before it, and the fellowship resulting from it, I’ve witnessed a glimpse of the kingdom of heaven.

But I also have experienced a stark smack back to reality from the Creator of the universe, as…

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