Moscow on the Willamette – Where Capitalism is Deemed “Insane” by City Council Candidate

originally posted at Daylight Disinfectant 

Nick Caleb advocates Marxist ideology including workers rising up at a local company. Ironically, after complaining about his own low wages, he’s later filmed writing a $700 check to another socialist candidate.

Dateline Thursday April 24, 2014 — Portland Oregon:  To quote Nicholas “Nick” Caleb, a candidate for Portland City Council: “if you want to be very Marxist about it, I want to say, workers should control the means of production.” That’s the meat of his speech highlights delivered to a 250 person raucous person crowd at the event “Kshama Sawant Speaks in Portland,” sponsored by the “Vote Sawant Campaign” and endorsed by “15 Now Portland Chapter,” “Portland Socialist Alternative,” and “Nick Caleb for Portland City Council.”

Lest you think he is some smoked-out, pot head Occupier without a chance: the Left-wing blog: “Portland Intelligencer” puts Communist Nick Caleb *ahead* of mainstream candidate Dan Saltzman.

Even the kick off to the speech is interesting. It seems the Master of ceremonies was one of Caleb’s students at Concordia University and dropped out of his Math Class to participate in Occupy Portland. The crowd goes wild at this announcement. By way of background, Occupy Portland cost Portland taxpayers Millions of dollars in extra police services, caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, and was riddled with violent crime. The national movement included rapes, which were deliberately covered up.

The premise of Nick Caleb’s speech is that capitalism is insane. He claims it is making the world increasingly inequitable. He goes on to say it is at the root of stagnant wages and complains about his own low income and lack of benefits. Ironically, he is later filmed contributing $700 to the Kshama Sawant campaign. Sawant is the now famous socialist who won election to the Seattle City Council. Caleb’s contribution of $700 is the maximum amount allowed by law.

Speech excerpts are provided in this video. A link is provided to the full speech if you can stand it.

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