[VIDEO] Portland Teachers Shut Down Free Press at Controversial Talk: “Post Traumatic *Slave* Syndrome”

Published on Apr 25, 2014

Speaker claims Thomas Jefferson and revered abolitionist Reverend John Henry Newton are child rapists before camera gets shut down.

Dateline Thursday, April 24, 2014 – Portland Oregon: A video journalist was banned by teachers from filming “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” a controversial lecture paid for by the taxpayer and put on by Portland Public Schools. Dr. Joy Degruy of Portland State University, provided the lecture on research she performed at the public university. As the lecture unfolds, many of the speakers remarks prove controversial. Excerpts from the speech are provided in the video. Thomas Jefferson is demonized, calling into question if he really was a hero. Claims are made by the speaker that he fathered black children, conjecture which is widely disputed. Later The Reverend John Henry Newton, a revered abolitionist and author of “Amazing Grace” is demonized. Degruy characterizes Reverend Newton as a child rapist.

At this point teachers begin to insist that the videographer stop filming. The videographer insists it is a public event, in a public venue, and that he will respect the wishes of the agent for the event. Oregon Law allows for the filming of such events. The event organizer refuses to identify him or herself and the videographer sits tight insisting on his First Amendment Right. A large degree of harassment by the teachers of the journalist ensues. Finally someone identifies herself as the agent of the event . Jodi Rutherford, a Portland Public Schools Equity Specialist, insists she has the authority to shut the camera down.

The journalist chooses to leave rather than be at a controversial event where he can not exercise his First Amendment Right. As he leaves one brave teacher gives him the “thumbs up” while another deliberately trips him.

h/t Daylight Disinfectant

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