[VIDEO] Oregon Legislators Dodge Ethics Questions

Published on Apr 10, 2014

Oregon state Senator Diane Rosenbaum and state Representative Carolyn Tomei try to intimidate a constituent, dodge his question, are caught lying about what transpired at the SB1551 hearing, and in the end threaten to kick out the videographer… All while never answer the original question, and, in turn, they refuse to condemn the unethical and shady behavior of Senator Floyd Prozanski leading up to and during the gun bill hearing, essentially meaning that they are OK with such shenanigans.

Visit www.2ndAction.org for a full account of the entire town hall.

2 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Oregon Legislators Dodge Ethics Questions

  1. Although these Democrats were out of line by confronting the videographer and asking if he was a constituent, it made little sense to me to descend to their level. The videographer obviously went to the meeting to create a confrontation. I’m as conservative as it gets, but I see this type of tit for tat kabuki theater as nothing but a waste of time. How did this artificially created escapade contribute to the election of conservatives?

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