Oregon: Kevin Starrett’s Call To Action!: Prozanski Is A Liar! [FULL TRANSCRIPT]

Published on Jan 20, 2014

“Make Your Voice Heard!”: Kevin Starrett called out Oregon’s controversial “gun grabbing” Senator Prozanski by name at Sunday’s gun rally.

Dateline Portland Oregon – Sunday January 19, 2014: Kevin Starrett the Director of Oregon Firearms Federation gave a rousing speech at yesterday’s “We the People Defend the Constitution” Gun Rally held at the Salem State Capitol. Despite the bitter cold, damp, weather a sizable crowd gathered to support the Constitution and in particular the Second Amendment. This year Oregon legislators such as Senator Floyd Prozanski seek to to curtail gun owners rights through a massive registration process intent on disabling honest law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their. I’ve created the full transcript below and it is a MUST READ, in addition to watching the video itself. Kevin’s speech in the video is provided uncut and unedited.


“There’s three kinds of people in the world: there’s the people who watch things happen, the people who make things happen and the people who stand back and say “what the hell just happened.” And you’re the people that make things happen. We’re going to make things happen. You know what’s happening in this building now. You know what they’re trying to do to make a bill that would make it illegal to give a gun to you best friend, but at the permission of the police. You could give a gun to your gay lover but you couldn’t give a gun to the woman you lived with. You could give a gun to your nephew but he couldn’t give it back.

This stuff is insane. They say it’s to prevent felons from having guns. But you know what happens when a felon tries to buy a gun and he’s denied? Nothing. Alright? This legislation is intended to attack you. And you are going to be lied to about it. On Friday when they held a hearing on this bill the hearing was to determine that the bill would be introduced as a committee bill. And what that means is that nobody wanted to put their name on it.

And the person who’s responsible for the bill who doesn’t want his name on it, Senator Floyd Prozanski looked us all in the eye and said, “This is not a registration bill.” This is a bill that requires you give the state police your name, your address, all your personal information, all of the personal information of the person you’re giving the gun to, and the make model caliber and serial number of the gun. And this is not a registration bill?

He’s a Liar [Prozanski]. And he will continue to lie to you. And we all have to be extremely active and make sure they all know where we stand. With every tool we have. If you’re not registered to vote, register to vote. Please vote. Use social media. Get our alerts. It’s free just go to our web site and you’re gonna know what’s happening. Make sure you make your voice heard. Last year we beat all 4 anti-gun bills because people like you stood up and made a lot of noise. We’re gonna do it again.

Remember last year in the Senate we had one pro-gun Democratic Senator, Betsy Johnson. She deserves a lot of credit for standing up to the enormous assault she took from her caucus. So she’s a real hero to us. There’s some Demoocrats in the house who are real heroes to us as well, but the people who are going to make this happen are going to be you. And Every single one of you has the ability to do amazing things and it doesn’t take long.

Make your voice heard. Use Twitter and Facebook, get on our web site, and we’re going to win! Thanks for coming out people!

h/t Daylight Disinfectant

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