Oregon Senator Merkley: “No” to Voter ID Checks for Illegals, “Yes” to ID Checks For Guns

Published on Jan 5, 2014

Confronted by Ms. Kay Bridges Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley sees no hypocrisy in his stance against ID checks for illegal alien voters, vs. his belief that an ID be required for gun background checks.

Dateline Friday January 3, 2014: At a Town Hall Meetin” held in Multnomah County by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, Merkley is asked by Ms. Kay Bridges, a small business owner:

“I see a conflict in some of your stands, could you verify the fact that you do not agree with the identification for illegal aliens, or illegal immigrants, as far as their voting rights but that you would want totally comprehensive background checks? [for gun owners]…”

Merkley sees no conflict justifying his his stance by asserting voter fraud does not happen in Oregon due to the use of signature ballots. A packed house seems to agree with him.

h/t Daylight Disinfectant


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