Kitzhaber Dispatches State Cop to Harass Journalist as Oregon Obamacare Fails

“Do You Have a Gun On You Today?” This is only part of the harassment doled out by a State Cop as Kitzhaber again dodges questions on “Cover Oregon,” his Obamacare disaster.

Dateline November 13, 2013 – Portland Oregon: On his way to an event (to which the public was invited) Governor John Kitzhaber is peacefully approached by a Citizen Journalist. It seems Kitz’s Obamacare web site has yet to sign up a single person. Rather than stopping to answer a few questions, Kitzhaber continues to avoid any negative media coverage of his healthcare disaster. Instead he dispatches one of his State Police bodyguards, Kyle Wilson, to harass and try to intimidate the reporter. When asked what law prevents him from approaching the Governor to ask a question, Wilson retorts: “Because I told you to.” The reporter is forced to yell his questions in order to exercise his First Amendment Right.

The Oregonian reported on November 11, 2013; regarding Kitzhaber’s Heath care disaster: “Cover Oregon: Health exchange ranks last in enrollment of state-run peers” Fully aware that this debacle has put the kibosh on any fantasies he had of taking Kathleen Sibelius’ job, or dare we say a run at the Presidency, Kitzhaber has refused to take responsibility or apologize to the hundreds of thousands of Oregonians who have been left uninsured under his watch. Instead “The Kitz” goes the media intimidation route. Wonder what the other half of the Royal Family, live-in “gal pal” Cynthia Hayes think about the mess he’s made of it?

Now Watch Kitzhaber Dodge Obamacare Failure Questions at

h/t  The Bill Post Radio Show and Daylight Disinfectant

2 thoughts on “Kitzhaber Dispatches State Cop to Harass Journalist as Oregon Obamacare Fails

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