Couple Bitter About Twins Sparks Internet Outrage

By  | September 6, 2013 | Independent Journal Review

2-little-twins-baby-sleepingA few months ago an anonymous couple set the internet ablaze when they posted dual essays discussing their disappointment after discovering they were pregnant with twins.

In the father’s original post he explains why he and his wife decided to go with IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatments to conceive:

We desperately tried to get pregnant for nearly two years, first the natural way, then via several IUIs (intrauterine inseminations). But getting pregnant when you’re both pushing 40 is sort of like trying to blow up the Death Star; it’s possible, but you need the perfect shot.

The couple chose to implant two embryos to increase their odds. Naturally they were overjoyed to discover the procedure had been a success. When they discovered that both embryos had successfully implanted? Not so much.

My initial reaction was full of disappointment, anger, fear, and guilt…As horrible as this might sound, we found ourselves wishing these twins away.

The comments section lit up with angry messages from readers accusing the anonymous writer of being ungrateful and selfish.

Feeling her husband was being treated unfairly, the mother took to the blogosphere to give her own side of the story. The expectant mother echoed her husband’s frustration with impending twins.

While I am grateful we are pregnant, I am changed…The “glass half full” person is no longer. The twins are coming fast, and I don’t feel a sense of joy…We only wanted one…Now, seven months into my pregnancy — and in therapy — I still feel remorse and am terrified of our future.

Her comment section was not much lighter than her husband’s.

I think the truth of this story goes way behind a couple of selfish millennials complaining about their abundance of blessings. This is a larger symptom of a society that has now raised entire generations of children who believe they are entitled to whatever they want whenever they want without consequence. This anonymous couple is nothing more than the Saved By the Bell version of Occupy Wallstreet.

These people are very close to my own age. We were raised by the children of the 60′s who were still high on modern feminism and sit-ins. We were taught that a woman can have it all. Nay, that she is ENTITLED to it all – the perfect career, the perfect marriage, the perfect family. We were raised to believe that “finding your own path” was a necessary precursor to having a family.

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