My Thoughts On Glenn Beck’s “Man In The Moon”

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Man In the Moon

I was in Utah to see Glenn Beck’s show, Man In The Moon. I went into the event with a skeptical eye. I do like Glenn Beck (and got the distinct pleasure of meeting him during the weekend) but I will always approach his work with scrutiny because I know how easy it is to bend and warp a message in the light of fame. I wanted to make sure that the message he was presenting with his story was true and wasn’t leading people astray.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I am proud to say that I laughed, cried (a bit, in a manly way), and had my jaw drop on more than one occasion. I want to share with you my observations of the event, or at least of the major things I picked up.


First, let’s get the obligatory culture geekiness out of the way. This show began…

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