Free The People, Behind The Scenes

Ben Nanke shares his experience behind the scenes at Free The People in Salt Lake City. I too had backstage access, but I can’t relate the evening’s events better than Ben, so now, I share his account with you.

Beethead Media

At FreedomWorks’ event, Free The People (#FTP2013) I was given the great pleasure and opportunity to work on the blogging team behind the scenes for FreedomWorks. Although I missed most of the actual event (it was playing on a small, muted TV screen in the corner), I did get the unique privilege to talk with some of the speakers at the event after their segments. Notably, we met up with Deneen and Tom Borelli, Mia Love, Rep. David Schweikert, Sen. Mike Lee, Reverend C.L. Bryant, and Glenn Beck.

I’m going to offer my thoughts on each of these fine men and women who are boldly serving our country in many different ways.

First, I’ll jump to the person you’re probably most interested in hearing about, Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck

Glenn is one of the warmest and most passionate people I’ve ever met. The way he talks on stage and on…

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