Things Feminists Hate: Disney Princesses – Belle

The Snark Who Hunts Back

(This is not necessarily a post for fans of Disney under the age of 16, because feminists.)

Feminists have a tendency to dig and dig until they can find something in pop culture that can offend them, as a result they generally dig right past all the good that something has in it and flail about in indignation about how harmful to feminism something is.

Hence their hatred of Disney Princesses in general. Ironically they did what they complain about non-feminists doing, they ignored any of the good characteristics of the characters and concentrated directly on their looks, their relationship status, and their sexuality. (Basically they think Disney Princesses are walking vaginas…and boobs).

Great job feminists!

So I’m starting a series on why feminists are wrong, which is rather par for the course really.

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