Statement from Denise Quinn-Nanke, Write-In Candidate for School Board

Fighting Planned Parenthood in Salem-Keizer

Decisions about the education of Salem-Keizer’s children must be made at the local level. The best way to meet the needs of our children is to empower parents, teachers, and school districts with the tools they need to provide the best outcomes possible.

I am concerned about our school district’s decision to accept federal dollars that then require adherence to top-down programs like No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top that mandate standards that may or may not be what is best for Salem-Keizer.

Common Core State Standards are an example of a top-down mandate that is in place due to the district accepting federal dollars. These are complex and cumbersome standards that will cost a lot of money to implement and manage.

Planned Parenthood funded instructors teaching students at two of our high schools – the programs are mandated but the choice of instruction staff is still…

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