Hunt for the elusive Tea Party murderer continues

John Hayward  |   | RedState

How the Left Sees the Tea Party

The Left’s Tea Party Fantasy

Liberal hopes were dashed with the revelation that the Boston Marathon bombers were a couple of Chechen Muslim immigrants. The Left was so sure they had finally bagged the elusive Tea Party murderer! The bombings occurred in Boston on Tax Day. Surely, at long last, the opportunity to smear libertarians, small-government conservatives, anti-tax crusaders, and the whole hellish tri-corner hat crowd was at hand! ”Two plus two equals…?” Michael Moore burbled happily, retreating back into his copious shell of sub-human idiocy when the answer turned out to be “Islam.”

That’s how the junior member of the bombing team, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, explained his “outlook” on an Internet profile. Family and friends talk of the brothers growing more intensely involved in the stricter aspects of their religion over the past few years. The older brother, Tamerlan – named after a brutal Islamic conqueror from centuries past – seems to have led the way, with Dzhokar trotting after him like a “puppy.” Somewhere along the way, they became radicalized – a process that will be of great interest to investigators in the weeks ahead.

Substitute the Tea Party for Islam, and liberals would be hitting the floor in a swoon of ecstasy today, their every fantasy about the adversaries of Big Government joyously fulfilled. The Internet would groan beneath the weight of their blog posts and op-eds. And it’s not hard to imagine various officials of the Obama Administration egging them on, linking the bombers to everything from the defeat of gun-control legislation to sequestration. (Well, they’re already trying to connect the bombing to sequestration – at one point, Nancy Pelosi’s Threepio unit, Steny Hoyer, explicitly blamed the loss of life on those brutal sequester “cuts.” The difference is that the terrorists themselves would ostensibly have been inspired by sequestration, seeking to finish the work Republicans started by insisting on a 1.8 percent reduction in the growth of government spending instead of more tax hikes.)

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