Resounding Message: Be Happy or GTFO

Beethead Media


Change is coming in the state of Oregon, and it’s not just the season. And it’s not cold, hard change either, except for the weather here. I swear, one moment it’s a blissful breezy day, the next it’s hailing down nickels like Jim Cramer just told the world that memes are the next big thingTwhump thwump thwap thwump. My convertible and I don’t appreciate it. THIS IS SPRING.


I say that change is coming not because Stephen Kruiser threatened to take his pants off in front of a group of banquet attendees, which would definitely irreparably change the fragile psyches of all involved, nor because a Republican Party event was actually a genuinely fun time to be had, but because of the messaging that came from that dapper auction banquet and the dapper FreedomWorks summit held before it.


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