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I’ve been musing over creating a series where I can discuss cultural issues within this great state of Oregon (because we’re certainly not at a shortage) and today the idea descended on me like a group of offbeat music fans descend on that one guy who said he touched Alice Glass’ hand once at a concert a few years ago.

Pretty damn hard.

If you don’t get that reference, don’t worry – you would probably hate Crystal Castles. It sounds like a group of funky hunters artfully slaughtering a robotic gazelle composed entirely of computerized beeps and synth tracks.

But back on track, the first topic I want to cover in this series is an issue that everyone is aware of and probably has an opinion about – crappy media content. I’m talking about the endless, puke-green barrage of Shrek movies, the cancellation of Firefly, basically everything about the Kardashian…

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