The Brenner Brief

andrew breitbart 1969-2012Andrew Breitbart was arguably one of the most influential characters in the conservative movement. As the founder of the some of the most widely read sites on the internet, such as Big JournalismBig Hollywood, and his flagship website, this was a man who showed no restraint when it came to expressing his views.

While the liberal media decried his outspoken ways, he became a hero to many on the right who believed in smaller government, upholding the constitution, and a true free market economy. But the one thing that he stood for above all else was freedom of speech, and perhaps nobody in the media provided a better example of how the first amendment is something to fight for on a daily basis than Andrew Breitbart. Although Breitbart was a polarizing figure to many on both sides of the aisle, few will disagree that he…

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