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Legislators in Oregon apparently can’t go twenty-four hours without spearheading another attempt to ban something. As an Oregonian myself, I’ve gotten the amazing opportunity to watch this timeline play out from the front lines. On Wednesday, our senators said they weren’t going to push any further legislation restricting firearms. We were happy. Life was good. Until Thursday, when they introduced the hugest, most terrible piece of gun legislation of ever.

If you haven’t heard about HB3200, what it does in a nutshell is that it designates most modern weapons as “assault weapons” (and you know I’m cheering from the sidelines on that one…) and then bans assault weapons. If this bill passes, Oregonians would be allowed only to own one assault weapon and three “high-capacity” magazines holding ten rounds. Even then, that’s only if those items are registered with the Police department.

Things that determine an “assault weapon”…

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