The Brenner Brief

Conservative pundits often remark with derision that Obama’s only experience was as a community organizer, but that community organizing machine has been kicking their butts. While it may be entertaining to watch the conservative movement self-destruct with Karl Rove defending his support of Tea Party candidates and Mary Beth Martin accusing him of trying to get them ejected, conservatives listen up.  The secrets of community organizing are about to be unveiled.  It is time to use the strategy of the left against them.

OFA volunteersCommunity organizing is an offshoot of union organizing, and while you may laugh stating the obvious — union membership is down, how good can they be?  The answer is very good.  Unions win over 70 percent of their organizing efforts.  However, since Obama failed to push EFCA thru, there is no law that forces a company to ever reach an agreement with a union…

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