Brandi Henneman

The Republican Party is synonymous with military strength and power. When it comes to national defense, we refuse to take it lying down when another country pushes us around and we don’t mince words; we strike back. However, when it comes to party politics and messaging, the Left has the conservative leadership paralyzed with fear. To avoid being misrepresented in one of the Democrats infamous theatrical overreactions, we refuse to take any risk with our messaging.In fact, our language and actions are so measured these days that it is nearly impossible to be innovative and attract the appropriate demographics necessary to win elections.

Trepidation is thwarting our ability to deliver our messages to the electorate effectively.

The Left heedlessly parades around saying and doing whatever they want, and our culture often embraces their fanatical behavior. All the while, we conservatives contently remain behind arbitrary boundaries, which are defined by…

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