The Brenner Brief

Be sure to scroll down to view the 73 page PowerPoint presentation.

From by Labor Union Report. 

In 2011, having spoken for some time to groups of activists, there was a realization on just how little was understood about the leviathan on the Left.

More importantly, however, was the realization that, with so many competing agendas (and egos) on the Right, activists were clamoring for information on how to combat the forces eroding our Constitutional Freedoms.

In response, this post and PowerPoint presentation was posted in November 2011.

Now, with Barack Obama’s re-election, the Left is more highly organized to strip more of our Constitutional Freedoms, and 2014 is right around the corner. The Right, however, is as disorganized as ever (perhaps moreso), much to the Left’s delight.

Meanwhile, the machine of the Obama campaign is becoming a permanent apparatus of the Left and the institutional Left…

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