Guns Across America Rally in Salem, OR January 19, 2013

3000 people rallied for freedom and 2nd Amendment rights in Salem, OR on Saturday – NO fires, NO rapes, NO using the lawn as a toilet and NO GARBAGE left behind!

There were great speakers on hand to share the message of Freedom and our intention to preserve our 2nd Amendment Rights. Here are some of the highlights from Saturday’s event:

KXL‘s Lars Larson delivered the passionate keynote comments.

Salem’s own Bill Post from KYKN 1430 AM radio fired up the crowd with his comments.

Inspired comments from Jeff Kropf, a former Oregon State Representative and fifth generation Oregon farmer.

Driving along Court Street through the massive crowd! H/T Bill Post

Again, there were close to 3000 people gathered at the state capitol in Salem, OR. 3000 people who know the difference between an automatic weapon and a semi-automatic weapon…and this woman is who the largest media outlets in the state converge on like white on rice!

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