The Brenner Brief

“The Lonesome Pair” is a thematic piece based on President Barack Obama’s second inaugural ceremony.

“The Lonesome Pair” refers to a pair of Bibles which will be employed during the ceremony. One of the Bibles belonged to President Abraham Lincoln, and the other Bible had been Dr. Martin Luther King‘s possession.

The irony of the presence of the two Bibles at the celebrated event  is rich. It was during President Obama’s first term that a struggle for religious liberty  ensued. Obama’s HHS mandates have  threatened many Church and commercial entities’ freedom of conscience. The Benghazi deaths cry out for justice, and the country’s outlook appears bleak. During this time, Obama wins a second opportunity to lead a nation. In a nod of homage, the President calls to mind President Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King, through use of their Biblical possessions during the ceremony.


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