TwitterGulagSince April of 2012 many conservatives on Twitter have experienced either a suspension or know of someone who has been suspended.  After Chris Loesch’s unjust suspension, conservatives suspended for their beliefs joined around the term Twitter Gulag, which became a hashtag many would rally around.

Solutions to the Gulag problem have been considered and a various people have voiced their opinion.  Some say a mass reprisal against leftists who are doing the suspensions should be made, but after all we play by the rules and it would not be nice to ‘return the favor’ on leftists who could be tricked.  Those who understand Twitter’s algorithm probably wouldn’t get suspended anyway as they will not fall for the tricks.

There are a few characteristics of suspensions.  Most come after an account is mass blocked.

Let’s say you encounter a leftist and have a discussion.  It is very heated and your opponent…

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