Words Matter when it comes to Terrorism

My Step-father, Mark Wheeler makes a very strong point about naming things as they are and not giving in to political correctness with popular terminology.

Murder is an act of violence not an act of responsibility and it is ridiculous for the media use the term “Terrorist claiming responsibility” for the horror of murder. We teach our children to be responsible citizens, and since when are murder and terrorism responsible acts?

Mark proposes changing the way these stories are covered and the words used to describe the perpetrators. When a terrorist group claims that they are behind a bombing, shooting or any other violent act they must be properly identified as the KILLERS or MURDERS!

Please share if you agree with Mark’s idea because #WordsMatter.

Mark Wheeler lives in Olympia, Washington, and  is a father and grandfather who is passionate about his family and the world they will inherit. Follow him at @powergrandpa on Twitter

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