Shooting The Unarmed Man – The Fallacy Of Modern Perception

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“He shot an unarmed man!”

“He wasn’t armed! Police had no reason to shoot him!”

How often have we heard those screams from an angry community?  Trayvon Martin may be the first to come mind but it happens more often than most people think.  Kansas City firefighter Anthony Bruno, unarmed and drunk, was shot and killed by an off duty police officer.  And, of course, the most recent case of Michael Brown in St. Louis, Missouri.

The problem with the public outcry and the rioting in pursuit of “JUSTICE” is that most people know exactly nothing about physical combat and life threatening situations.  They assume that if a person is unarmed that deadly force cannot and should not be employed.  And they are wrong.

Have you seen the viral videos of “the knockout game?”  Many of those videos involve one solid blow to the head that results in an unconscious…

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Salem, OR City Council Votes to Ban Smoking on Public Sidewalks

It appears that the Salem City Council believes it’s OK to harass and bully one group of people in order to appease another. On Monday evening the council voted 6-2 to ban smoking on the sidewalks and landscape strips in the public right-of-way adjacent to properties where smoking is prohibited. Councilors Brad Nanke and Bruce Rogers were the two no votes with Nanke making strong objections to the ban.

This ban will expand private property NO SMOKING ZONES to include the public sidewalks and landscape strips that are adjacent to Salem Hospital and Willamette University. The same sidewalks that smokers use and that they pay for with their tax dollars – how is it fair to prevent taxpaying citizens from engaging in a legal activity on property that they pay for? It’s not and with only two councilors voting no – one with a strong voice for freedom and liberty and the other for neighborhood concerns – the City of Salem has granted permission for a minority group to be bullied because they don’t approve of the legal activity they are engaged in.

Watch the testimony and discussion (1:34:43) and listen closely to how this issue was presented to the council and the words the proponents use to sell the concept of stripping law abiding citizens of their rights in the name of “cultural values.”

This WWI-themed Christmas ad is blowing up the Internet

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A World War I-themed advertisement for Sainsbury’s, a supermarket chain in the UK, is blowing up the Internet. And rightfully so.

On Christmas Eve 100 years ago, soldiers on both sides laid down their weapons in commemoration of the holidays.

The ad remembers that time, showing both British and German forces coming together for a friendly soccer match and a touching gift exchange.

It is a powerful remembrance of the true meaning of Christmas.

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Democratic turnout flyer: ‘If you want to prevent another Ferguson…’

Originally posted on Political Insider blog:

The Democratic effort to pump up the African-American vote in Georgia just took an interesting turn.

A reader has sent us this early-voting turnout mailer sent out by the Georgia Democratic party that focuses on the shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent unrest in Ferguson, Mo. It contains an interesting line that concedes the problem of low interest among black voters:

“If we want a better, safer future for our children, it’s up to us to vote for change. The choices may not always be perfect, but the cost of inaction is simply too great.”

Here’s a complete look:


And this:


Followed by this:


And this:


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I-594: Background Check “Loopholes”? Much Ado About Nothing

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This is the second post in a three-part series on I-594, a Washington State ballot initiative that would require background checks on all state gun sales and transfers. The first post delved into commentary regarding several implications of the proposed law, and can be found here. Later this week, part three will cover various philosophical aspects of gun ownership in general, and how I-594 would impact it.

In geometry, the shortest distance between two points may in fact be a straight line, but in political discourse, the shortest distance between everything wrong in America and Shangri-La are those dreaded “loopholes”.

And why not? For if there’s a culprit in every injustice, for some, “loopholes” fill that role quite well indeed. Warren Buffet purportedly pays less tax than his poor secretary? “Loopholes”, they cry. Burger King gobbling up Canadian coffee and doughnut store Tim Horton’s to skirt fiscally chilling U.S. corporate…

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WTF: Oregon’s First Lady admits she had a sham marriage with an immigrant for money

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It looks like things just got really, really awkward for Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber of Oregon. His fiancée, Cylvia Hayes, admitted yesterday to entering into a sham marriage with an immigrant for cash:

Even worse, it was with a guy with two first-names. Who does that?

Note, Abraham-squared was 18 at the time of the “marriage,” Ms. Hayes 29. That didn’t raise any red flags with immigration officials? 

And it looks like Gov. Kitzhaber gets his news of major of events the same way as President Obama — from the newspaper:

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Polyphonic Singing — the human ability you didn’t know existed

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Originally posted on Rare:

Anna-Maria Hefele is an amazing German singer with a very unique talent. She has trained her voice to the point where she can sing two notes at once. It’s known as polyphonic overtone singing, and not many people can do it. In fact, before you succumbed to this amazing piece of click bait you’ve most likely never heard of it before.

Hefele’s life has always been centered around music. Her family are musical instrument makers, and studied music all throughout college. With intense practice she was able to achieve something that almost sounds inhuman.

As Hefele demonstrates, polyphonic overtones happen when you manipulate the resonant cavities of the mouth, larynx, and pharynx. I can’t begin to figure out how to manipulate those in weird ways, much less point them out on a diagram, so it’s impressive all around.

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‘This is horrifying': Frank Luntz shares YouGov favorability ratings [correction appended]

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Correction: The title of this post has been changed to reflect that the polling data cited comes from a YouGov poll and not Frank Luntz’ organization. Text within the post stating that the data was from a Frank Luntz poll has also been corrected to cite the correct source of the information. The original title of this post was “‘This is horrifying': Pollster Frank Luntz releases latest favorability ratings.”

Twitchy apologizes to Mr. Luntz and our readers for the inaccuracy.

Frank Luntz shared polling data from YouGov showing favorability numbers for some likely 2016 candidates, and it’s not pretty.

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‘It’s inexcusable’! Fed-up citizen details her ‘Obamacare nightmare’

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It may not be dominating the news these days, but rest assured: Obamacare still sucks as much as ever.

Here’s today’s reminder, courtesy of tweeter Brittany Cover:

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