‘Lone Survivor’ Marcus Luttrell’s Facebook thread mocks Ventura [pics]

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Veteran Navy SEAL and author of “Lone Survivor” posted a simple meme shaming Jesse Ventura to his Facebook page. It started a flood of memes from Luttrell’s fans, some of whom are presumably former or current military but all of whom feel that Ventura’s lawsuit against the widow of SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was the height of dishonor.

Caution: Some of the language is pretty salty.


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Portland,OR: Palestine Supporters Harass, Berate Israel Supporters

From Laughing at Liberals

Published on Jul 27, 2014

“Full Circle. Kristalnacht In Palestine” reads one sign from the Palestinian supporters, as a small group of Israel supporters show up to protest an anti Israel rally across the street. The Palestine supporters quickly surround the Israel supporters, blocking their flags, arguing with them, screaming at that them, even blasting the megaphone right into their faces. All the while telling them to move to a different spot. The pro Israel clan moves down a bit, but the anti Israel bunch once again moves to block their flags. One guy accuses the Israel supporters of wanting to hang babies with a flag. Another claims that the “Human shield is the only excuse I hear from your people”. Still another gal mocks them by saying “If you’re scared, then pray! God will take care of you!”. As the rally winds down, a lady guides the pack away while shouting “FUCK AMERICA AND FUCK ISRAEL TOO!”

The Hypocrisy of the Liberal Tolerance Argument

gay bill

by KIT LANGE on JULY 25, 2014 at Victory Girls Blog

For years now, conservatives have been painted as bigots and homophobes.  We are intolerant.  We want to control everyone and everything and we are just horrible people who do nothing but hate.  We have tried to defend ourselves, to offer rational and logical discourse why these accusations are incorrect, but it really does no good.

Here’s the cold, hard truth: Liberals are the nastiest, meanest, most ruthlessly cruel people out there.  They talk about tolerance like they have a handle on the idea; maybe like they even invented it.  Kind of like Al Gore invented the internet.  But disagree with them and suddenly you are the object of some of the most unhinged, disgusting, vile reactions you’ll ever see. We already know the stories of pathetic freaks who call for Sarah Palin to be murdered or who harass Ann Coulter or spout disgusting names at Michelle Bachmann.  You might think “well, that’s because they’re famous, and they bring out the crazies.”  Not true.  I can vouch for it, because I’ve been seeing it personally for years—and I’m anything but famous.

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‘Be proud of being a huntress': Must-read tweets hammer anti-hunting leftists and their #WarOnWomen

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For two weeks, anti-hunting screechers savaged 19-year-old big game hunter Kendall Jones with death wishes, threats and their weapon of choice — misogyny. When the media discovered that 17-year-old World Cup fan Axelle Despiegelaere had posted a hunting photo on Facebook, all hell broke loose. L’Oréal was quick to distance itself from the newly discovered model, announcing that her “one-time contract” was completed.

Earlier this month, PGA Tour golfer and Kendall Jones supporter John Peterson suggested, “If it was a 60 year old overweight dude posing with his African kills, no one would talk.” He’s not 60 or pudgy, but his hunting photo certainly didn’t spawn weeks of national headlines. The anti-hunting, gun-grabbing Left sure loves to target young women, huh?

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Bloggers, Surveillance and Obama’s Orwellian State

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Originally posted on TIME:

Jay Carney is free. But not loose – at least so far. After resigning as the press secretary for President Obama on June 20, Carney gave insight into the Obama administration’s handling of classified documents, and responded to criticism that this administration has been the most Orwellian in recent history.

“I know — because I covered them — that this was said of Clinton and Bush, and it will probably be said of the next White House,” said Carney in a recent New York Times Magazine interview. “I think a little perspective is useful…It is a serious, serious matter to leak classified information. Some of the debate around this kind of forgets how serious that is.”

But, it could also be the changing nature of the relationship between the media and the White House. At a recent event at the New America Foundation, journalists and historians challenged Carney, arguing that…

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‘Smash patriarchy': Protesters demonstrate outside Hobby Lobby stores [pics]

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You could say it’s not the number of protesters but the quality — none of these anti-Hobby Lobby groups has a chance of making the same splash that Holly Fisher did with her one-woman pro-life, pro-Hobby Lobby pic.

Still, protesters have turned up in front of Hobby Lobby stores across the country to make their case against the Supreme Court’s ruling.

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‘Immigration isn’t a TV contest:’ CNN’s shameless amnesty bait sickens viewers

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Yes, this is CNN. Tonight, the “news” network broadcast the pro-illegal alien amnesty documentary, “Documented,” on the life of Pulitzer Prize-winning, document-faking, law-breaking, deportation-evading journalist-turned-activist Jose Antonio Vargas.

Twitchy readers are well-acquainted with his story and his talking points.

Just like the…

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Young Men, Sex, and Urge Ownership (And Why It’s Not The Girl’s Problem)

Originally posted on john pavlovitz:

Young men, I need to tell you something; something that maybe your fathers, or your coaches, or your uncles, or your buddies never told you, but something that you really need to hear.

Your sex drive? It’s your problem.

I know you’ve been led to believe that it’s the girl’s fault; the way she dresses, the shape of her body, her flirtatious nature, her mixed messages.

I know you’ve grown-up reading and hearing that since guys are really “visual”, that the ladies need to manage all of that by covering-up and keeping it hidden; that they need to drive this whole physical relationship deal, because we’re not capable.

That’s a load of crap.

You and me, we are visual.
We do love the shape of women’s bodies.
We are tempted and aroused by their physicality.

And all of that, is on us, not on them.

You see, we actually live…

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Government Sanctioned Fat Shaming

From Smart Girl Politics

growproj2_child_on_scaleFor years, parents in the State of Georgia have had to fill out a Form 3300 when enrolling their children in school for the first time. The form, which is mandatory, had sections for vision and dental checkups along with vaccinations. Okay…no big deal, right? After all, kids need to be able to see the whiteboard and dental records can show underlying health issues that could affect their learning capabilities. But have they gone too far with the “nutrition” section that includes a child’s Body Mass Index (BMI)?

The BMI requirement on Form 3300 is ridiculous at best and at worst is another attempt by big government to dictate what we eat through “fat shaming”. As we have already seen, the BMI has been used in other areas of the country to send “fat” letters to parents regarding their child’s “unhealthy weight”. In almost every situation, the parents said that the claim of their child being overweight was ridiculous. The children also expressed feeling confused and “hurt” that they were fat.

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