The most overlooked characteristic of who you want to marry

Mark and Patt

This article touches on something that is often overlooked in the first blush of romance. As things progress however, it’s important to take a hard look at how your potential mate will handle illness, marital strife, child raising and finally, suffering. I look to my mother and step-father as an outstanding example of a balanced marriage: In the good times they were strong partners and yet, during times of major difficulties like the blending a family of children ranging in age from 7 – 17 and ultimately, my step-father’s long illness and death a few year ago, they showed tremendous love and commitment to each other. That is a model for me to this day. In the last 5 years of Mark’s life, he was in and out of hospital and steadily declined – something that was incredibly hard on him, as an active and vibrant man, and also so demanding for my mother – while they certainly had their up and down moments, overall they were committed to each other and to comforting each other. I was married for a short time my early 20s to a man who was good looking, rather nice, not too bright but also not a bad guy. I thank God every day that I didn’t have a family with him as he was ultimately not that nice or that good. I learned a lot from that first marriage and have not repeated the same mistakes in my soon to be 25 year marriage to my husband.  – Beesha

There is one vital characteristic you should look for in a spouse but unfortunately, it is often forgotten.

by Kevin Thompson posted at

“In sickness and in health.”

On two occasions I have said those words with the full confidence that the couple repeating those words actually knew what they meant.

The first occurrence brought a smile to my face. She had endured and marriage was her reward on the other side of illness. Together they have journeyed through the struggles of a serious disease as boyfriend and girlfriend. Now they would be husband and wife. They knew what “in sickness and in health” meant.

The second occurrence brought a tear to my eye. She had weeks to live. The vow renewal was his gift to her. I almost cut the words fearing they might be too painful. But with a crowd gathered I included them as a testimony to all who would hear them say, “in sickness and in health.” They meant it and everyone knew it.

Few people consider sickness and suffering when picking a mate.

They consider how the other person might look in the morning or what bad habits they might have.

They consider what offspring they could produce or what extended family they might bring to the reunion.

Yet few people ever consider what is a vital question — can I suffer with this person?

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Wake Up Early? Is it Possible to Get Up Every Day at 4:30 am?


I will be the first to admit that I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON – never have been and frankly, I have serious doubts that I ever will be. That said, this article from The Sweet Life with Ericka inspires me to want to try and be a morning person. Lately I have taken on a number of new and exciting challenges – things that I have prayed for and dreamed about doing – but I’m finding that I just don’t have the time to get it all done some days. Getting up early, even just half an hour early like I did this morning, made a big difference in that I was able to actually have some breakfast, say hi to the cat and not have to race out the door. Arising at 4:30 a.m. is a lofty goal for me but this article gives me some inspiration and some practical tips that might, just maybe, give me the kick in the tail that gets me up at say, 6:00 a.m. – yeah, that’s a doable goal! – Beesha

Here’s Ericka’s article:

Wake Up Early: My Proven Methodology For Getting Up Every Day at 4:30am

I take a little pride in telling people I wake up early everyday at 4:30am. It sounds insanely early, right? I never thought I’d be THAT early of a bird —  but apparently I am.

I often hear, “I don’t know how you do that” or “You’re crazy” or “I could never do that.”

It’s not easy but, it works. I am kind of worthless after work and so, it’s in those before-work hours that I cram in all of my productivity. That’s how I juggle my many hats!

By 9am, I’ve exercised, meditated, blogged, started dinner, done some writing, eaten breakfast and caught up on the news. No, I don’t have kids — yet :)

So, how do I drag my tired butt out of bed at such an ungodly hour every weekday morning? Here ya go :

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“WHITELANDIA”: Portland Teachers Attend White Privilege


Once upon a time, Oregon was the land of Lewis and Clark, vast forests, and rugged individualists who revered America and her Constitution.

Decade by decade, especially since the 70’s, more and more environmental extremists and Progressives (aka Socialists) have been drawn to my fair state. Strangely, the beauty and majesty that drew them to Oregon, then became their idol.

Progressives have since warped Section 2 of the Oregon Constitution, “All men shall be secure in the Natural right, to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences.” into worship of trees and spotted owls, or whatever was the cause du jour.

Once ensconced, with high concentrations in Multnomah County (Portland) and Lane County (Eugene), these Progressives began an all-out effort to dramatically and fundamentally change Oregon.

Week by week new news surfaces, more and more faces and tactics of the socialist war on a once traditional and patriotic (and economically thriving) state. The latest crusade being the “white privilege” accusations.

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From 2012: An Interview with Chris Kyle, “American Sniper”


American Sniper author Chris Kyle is interviewed by Cameron Gray at the 2012 SHOT show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This poignant video shows a very humble and human Chris Kyle talking about his book, his fans, his love for kids, and the Second Amendment .

Better To Speak Truth or Live Truth?


Sometimes grace means letting someone else walk their own journey for a while.

Originally posted on Beethead Media:

In my last post, I talked a little bit about the merits of criticism and judgment. Reading comments that others have shared and just taking some time to meditate on this over the course of the day, I feel like I have a little more to talk about with this one.

Like I said before, I think that it’s a bit naive to say that there isn’t wrong in the world, in the same way that, feeling ill, it would be naive to say “I don’t have pneumonia” until one is bedridden and debilitated. Sometimes something is genuinely wrong, and it needs to be addressed. I think the crux of the matter of criticism lies in the motive.

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‘American Sniper’ Makes Eastwood’s Friday With $30.5M, Can It Hit $80M By Monday? – Saturday Update

Featured Image -- 1883

Originally posted on Deadline:

UPDATE, 8AM Saturday: Warner Bros. is reporting Friday at $30.5M for American Sniper - not only a January opening day record, but more than any Clint Eastwood film has ever made in a weekend. Sony’s The Wedding Ringer has a studio-reported estimate of $7M and on track to make a four day of $23-$24M, outgrossing its budget in four days. “It will be in the market for weeks to come and it’s a real money maker for us,” beamed Sony domestic distribution head Rory Bruer. With a new batch of projections released this AM, studio B.O. analysts are seeing Warner Bros.’ American Sniper clearing $80M by Monday.  Warner Bros. preferred not to comment on the lofty figures, which makes sense because it’s better to get another day under your belt as the weekend progresses and projections become stronger.  

PREVIOUS, 2:04AM Saturday:American Sniper is huge. So huge that the Clint…

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I am not dating a racial slur.

Featured Image -- 1875

Originally posted on ashlynsully:

I work as a waitress. Last night I had a table of about 6 extremely drunk guys come in. Although they were not my table, every time I would walk by them to fill someone’s drink (They were sitting in a table right next to our pop machine) they would cat call me. I started out by ignoring it, why fuel the fire, right? However, when one of them blurted out that I am a “fine piece of ass” my patience was wearing thin. I turned around, smiled, and stated “Yeah, my boyfriend thinks so too.” 

In all honesty, looking back I should have just remained silent like I had been doing. But hindsight is always 20/20. The guys then all started laughing and saying that they were just trying to “compliment me”  and that I didn’t have to be “such a bitch about things” *This is when…

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NEEDED CLARIFICATION: Brunch Tables Aren’t Lunch Counters

Woolworths Diner Counter007

From | Written by Dr. Mom on January 9, 2015

I happened to watch The Butler the same day I read about the “Black Brunch” protests, and I couldn’t help but see some obvious parallels—but the protesters aren’t going to like them.

Let’s go back in time for a minute here. The protests depicted inThe Butler occurred in February of 1960, in Greensboro, North Carolina, at a Woolworthss lunch counter. Some of that is going to be confusing to those of you who weren’t around for that period of history. First off, Woolworths was a drugstore that had a lunch-counter in it. The store had a desegregated goods counter and a segregated lunch counter.

Maybe I should explain that, too.

In the United States at that time, particularly in the South (which was run entirely by the Democratic party, by the way), public spaces were generally segregated. For you millennials, that means Black people and White people could not sit together, drink from the same fountain, ride in the same section of a public bus, sit on the same benches, or do just about anything which would involve Whites and Blacks standing or sitting near one another. This was legal. In fact, it was not illegal until 1964, when The Civil Rights Act was passed by Congress, with 80% of Republican and 63% of Democratic votes in the House and 82% of Republican and 69% of Democratic votes in the Senate.

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“RINO” vs. “Moderate Republican”

Originally posted on JSL Consulting:


In case you haven’t noticed, there is a battle going on, and I’m not talking about the “war on” poverty, drugs, illiteracy or terror. The conflict I’m talking about is taking place within the Republican Party. In the wake of Mitt Romney’s disappointing loss to arguably the worst President in U.S. history, “Constitutional Conservatives”, “Social Conservatives”, “Fiscal Conservative/Social Liberals”, “Libertarians”, “Moderates” and “RINO’s” are all beating the hell out of each other…and they’re doing so in public forums, much to the amusement of the Democrats. I want to address the latter two factions for now, but I’ll discuss some of the others in future posts.

While lines can be blurry at times, I believe the distinction between RINO and Moderate Republican is an important one. Without some “wiggle room”, the GOP will continue to self destruct. Take a look at my definitions and tell me if they provide a reasonable framework for constructive…

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Liberals Promote Human-Animal Equality


First we had crazed activists storming grocery stores to eulogize frozen chickens, and now we have a San Francisco Bay Area Organization promoting equality between animals and humans. Don’t believe me? Watch…

From Daylight Disinfectant

Dateline Tuesday January 6 2015 – Portland Oregon: Just when you think that you have heard and seen it all you find it. That piece or Liberal lunacy that pushes it that one step further. In a bizarre series of presentations a San Francisco Bay Area Organization is promoting equality between animals and humans. You might think I am exaggerating. The video tells the tale.

First up in this compilation of “fair use” clips is Hana Low. She and her two partners are from Colorado and prefers the use of “They/Them” pronouns rather than the colloquial “she.” Hana makes a presentation on “Trickle-Up Queer Animal Liberation.” (No I am not making that up.) She relays a beautiful story of a trans woman finding love for animals over her microwaved kielbasa. After showing one of her (Oops *their*) partners in a relationship with a cow, Hana goes on to explain what she is really on about:

“My goal is total animal and queer Liberation.”

But where does one begin to Liberate animals? Why at home of course! Let’s start with the common house cat. Speaker and soon to be attorney Zsea Beaumonis advocates just that. “Liberation begins at home, respecting companion animals.” She goes on: “Why not let your dog sit on the bed, why not let your cat sit on the counter?”

“Dominique” shows great examples of Bonobos doing (… we report you decide …) with a baby chimp in between them and advocates this as “normal” person behavior. Some of her more controversial comments ought to go over well with Second Amendment enthusiasts particularly hunters: “Another naturalistic *myth* that is used to justify human supremacy, is that animals were naturally intended for us to eat.” Her punch line which she both spelled out and delivered orally was: “The LGBTQ rights and animal right movements must work together to achieve human and nonhuman equality…” That’s it. Verbatim.

Finally we have Pax Ahimsa Gethen who lets us know that it is not only normal for a person’s gender to change from day-to-day but from hour-to-hour as well. She informs us that Sweden is way ahead of the game, having developed a “Non-BinaryPronoun” which is “Hen.” “Hen” she informs us is a gender neutral pronoun which Swedes have started using in ***nursery school***. Says Pax:

“In Sweden for example they are using ‘Hen’ in many nursery schools to try and give young children a gender neutral education from the start. So that’s pretty exciting to me.”

But getting back to animal equality, Pax informs us that we should not identify animals in the third person singular neutral:

“I would say do not call our fellow animals, non human animals, ‘it’ either. Now these animals can not tell us what their gender identity is so unfortunately we have to make some assumptions based on their anatomy.”

She goes on to explain about the lesbian relationship between two chickens, Snow and Duala. “That shows that Snow is a person, some *one* not some *thing*”” claims Pax. She goes on equating the relationship between the two chickens to the relationship between a man (Brian) and a male goat (Luv):

{Speaking about Brian who is in the room, and showing a picture of him in the hay loft with the goat} “We have a couple guys hanging out you might recognize one of them one of them is in the room Brian. So since Luv (the goat) can’t tell us otherwise what his gender identity is I’m going to call him ‘he’ just like you would call Brian a ‘he’ because they are both *people*”

It’s just over 6 minutes of short excepts from the hours of madness on their YouTube Channel (…) used under the Fair Use Laws.