He is the Gift – Christmas Video – #ShareTheGift

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


The first gift of Christmas was a simple gift given by a father to all his children, to us. He gave us His son, the Christ. He is the gift. This Christmas season, how will you share the gift? http://christmas.mormon.org

Why are Working Women Starting to Unplug from Their Churches?

Woman prayingBy on December 5, 2014 originally posted at the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics

When we look in the pews on Sunday morning, what kinds of women do we see?

Wives with their husbands? Mothers with their children? The single women sitting alone in the back rows?

Yes, they are all of those things and so much more. How do we use these women to grow and serve the church?

Camouflaged in Church

In America, 47% of the workforce is made up of women, and the percentage has doubled in every age category since 1950, according to the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee. The Committee also reports that 83% of women raising children work outside of the home, compared to 47% in 1975. AND a whopping 75% of them work full-time!

These women are out there. In fact, We may not realize that half of the women in the church are working women, because they are camouflaged.

We’re not talking about green outfits. No, her camouflage looks different. Her camouflage is her Sunday-best, children calling her “Mommy,” and maybe a strong, spiritual husband beside her. She blends with others because there is no other group for her.

And what about the single women who don’t get married until later in life? They don’t fit into the different affinity groups:  “moms”, “married”, “divorced.” And the “singles” are often college-aged/recent graduates that don’t relate to them either.

Many of these women haven chosen to not marry yet and are in the workplace, but they often quietly slip in and out of church to avoid the sympathy, advice, and blind dates that are thrown their way. Sadly, they may end up seeing themselves as “not-mothers” and “not-wives” instead of someone who is pursuing her Ephesians 2:10 calling in the workplace.

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If crazed Americans trample each other over discounted TVs, what will they do to acquire supplies in an actual life-or-death crisis?

Original article from  Natural News by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

10-totally-crazy-black-friday-moments-and-protect-yourself-from-insanity.1280x600(NaturalNews) As comedian Bill Burr hilariously points out, if you are stockpiling food and preparedness supplies but don’t have a gun to defend it, all you’re doing is gathering supplies for the biggest bully on the block.

A recent article by Daisy Luther from The Organic Prepper really nails this point by including photos of Black Friday mobs trampling each other in America, then asking the question, “What would these people act like over something that was actually a matter of life and death?”

It’s probably the most important question of the year. America has become a culture where people are so delusional about what’s important that they will literally trample each other to death to save a few dollars on some hot new electronics product. Yet in their own home, they have no storable food, no emergency medicine, no emergency water supplies, no backup source of heat, no water filtration devices and no clue how to survive without all the systems that keep society functioning today (the power grid, municipal water supplies, fuel at gas stations, functioning hospitals, local law enforcement, etc.).

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Shooting The Unarmed Man – The Fallacy Of Modern Perception

Featured Image -- 1820

Originally posted on The Elder Statesman:

“He shot an unarmed man!”

“He wasn’t armed! Police had no reason to shoot him!”

How often have we heard those screams from an angry community?  Trayvon Martin may be the first to come mind but it happens more often than most people think.  Kansas City firefighter Anthony Bruno, unarmed and drunk, was shot and killed by an off duty police officer.  And, of course, the most recent case of Michael Brown in St. Louis, Missouri.

The problem with the public outcry and the rioting in pursuit of “JUSTICE” is that most people know exactly nothing about physical combat and life threatening situations.  They assume that if a person is unarmed that deadly force cannot and should not be employed.  And they are wrong.

Have you seen the viral videos of “the knockout game?”  Many of those videos involve one solid blow to the head that results in an unconscious…

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Salem, OR City Council Votes to Ban Smoking on Public Sidewalks

It appears that the Salem City Council believes it’s OK to harass and bully one group of people in order to appease another. On Monday evening the council voted 6-2 to ban smoking on the sidewalks and landscape strips in the public right-of-way adjacent to properties where smoking is prohibited. Councilors Brad Nanke and Bruce Rogers were the two no votes with Nanke making strong objections to the ban.

This ban will expand private property NO SMOKING ZONES to include the public sidewalks and landscape strips that are adjacent to Salem Hospital and Willamette University. The same sidewalks that smokers use and that they pay for with their tax dollars – how is it fair to prevent taxpaying citizens from engaging in a legal activity on property that they pay for? It’s not and with only two councilors voting no – one with a strong voice for freedom and liberty and the other for neighborhood concerns – the City of Salem has granted permission for a minority group to be bullied because they don’t approve of the legal activity they are engaged in.

Watch the testimony and discussion (1:34:43) and listen closely to how this issue was presented to the council and the words the proponents use to sell the concept of stripping law abiding citizens of their rights in the name of “cultural values.”

This WWI-themed Christmas ad is blowing up the Internet

Featured Image -- 1809

Originally posted on Rare:

A World War I-themed advertisement for Sainsbury’s, a supermarket chain in the UK, is blowing up the Internet. And rightfully so.

On Christmas Eve 100 years ago, soldiers on both sides laid down their weapons in commemoration of the holidays.

The ad remembers that time, showing both British and German forces coming together for a friendly soccer match and a touching gift exchange.

It is a powerful remembrance of the true meaning of Christmas.

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Portland OR Michael Brown March: Portland Police, Are You Going to Protect and Serve?

Protests (violence and mayhem) may be easing in Ferguson, MO due to snow and fatigue, but in Portland, Oregon the streets continue to devolve into violence and hooliganism.

video from Laughing at Liberals 

Biblical Reason for Amnesty? Nope!


Posted on November 24, 2014 at Louder With Crowder by Krystal Heath

It always amuses me how a culture that removes the Bible and prayer from school and panics at the sight of a nativity scene manages to work Scripture into its fabric when, and only when, it’s convenient to its own narrative.  For someone who declared, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation,” the President himself is quite good at this particular feat.

His latest example of using bits of the Bible for his own purposes came during his totally unconstitutional declaration of amnesty for five million illegals.

Democrats from near to far have rallied behind the President’s supposedly Scriptural support for their cause.  “Yes!  See, you right wing Christian nut-jobs?  God wanted us to have executive action amnesty.  The Bible says so!”  (This, by the way, from the same people who boo’d God at their convention.  But I digress...)

So does the Bible actually support the President’s unlawful action?  Well, quite frankly, since the President (or better still, his speech writer), didn’t provide us with a reference for what Scripture he was quoting, we’ll have to make some presumptions, as the phrase “you were strangers, too” is found in numerous locations in the Old Testament.  The President may have been referencing either Exodus 22:21 or 23:9.  Maybe it was Deuteronomy 10:19 or Leviticus 19:34.  We don’t really know.

Before I go any further, let me just say, the PRESIDENT made this comparison, okay?  I didn’t come up with this myself.  All I’m doing is clarifying what he said with some context.  Because, you know, if there’s one thing all Biblical scholars agree on (and those topics are few), it’s that the context of any given passage is crucial to it’s interpretation and subsequent application in our lives.  (For example, when you read, “Come, walk to me on the water,” Jesus was talking to Peter.  Not you personally.  You will sink.)

That said, let’s look at just a bit of the context from the four passages the President was possibly quoting…

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Obama Attorney for Oregon: “OK With Universal Background Checks and Limits to Magazine Clips”

From Daylight Disinfectant

Published on Oct 22, 2014

Obama appointed US District Attorney Amanda Marshall: “I think we need a bunch of Oregonian guys in flannel shirts with rifles out there, and trucks,… saying: “Hey I’m OK with, you know, Universal Background Checks and limits to magazine clips …”

Dateline Tuesday October 21, 2014 – Portland Oregon: In this Volume 2 of highlights from the Gabby Giffords event, we look at just what legislation is envisioned by the folks around the table. Representative Smith Warner states: “I’m glad to be here to talk to all of you about what we can do in the legislature next year.” The group then speaks to what change needs to be made to share the Oregon gun database with the feds. Remember, theoretically this database does not exist.

Judy Shiprack, Multnomah County Commissioner, District 3, calls Representative Warner on the carpet asking her just what she’s going to do about it. Rep. Smith Warner suggests: “If the problem came from an Administrative ruling, can the solution come from an administrative ruling as well?” (Watch for that slight of hand in the next legislative session). Representative Smith warner then nods along is ascention as Erin Greenwald, Attorney for Oregon Department of Justice, suggests changes to State law which would allow Law Enforcement to confiscate weapons without a person ever having been convicted of a crime. Vanessa Timmons of Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, echoes the sentiments, leaving no doubt that group’s goal is to make the Oregon Law the same as the Federal Law.

U.S. Attorney S. Amanda Marshall, takes a poke at Oregon Sheriffs, lamenting the fact that they will not enforce Unconstitutional Federal Laws. (For someone who is not supposed to be advocating legislation, Attorney Marshall seems to be taking some pretty strongly held positions in her official capacity.) In an exchange with Gabby Giffords the Oregon Sheriffs are derided with laughter and compared with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Robert Yuille, one of four board members of “Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership” is quoted as saying we need to change the culture, but in the end: “”Certainly we need registration!” In a rare moment of honesty, the Marshall states: “”The truth is: More kids die every year in swimming pools.” (So why are we here again?). Shiprack then brings up her advocacy for limits to Magazine Capacity limitations like those they have jammed through in Connecticut. It’s clear that Attorney Marshall, although she’s not there to advocate legislation, is all in favor of that as well.

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Democratic turnout flyer: ‘If you want to prevent another Ferguson…’

Originally posted on Political Insider blog:

The Democratic effort to pump up the African-American vote in Georgia just took an interesting turn.

A reader has sent us this early-voting turnout mailer sent out by the Georgia Democratic party that focuses on the shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent unrest in Ferguson, Mo. It contains an interesting line that concedes the problem of low interest among black voters:

“If we want a better, safer future for our children, it’s up to us to vote for change. The choices may not always be perfect, but the cost of inaction is simply too great.”

Here’s a complete look:


And this:


Followed by this:


And this:


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